BTS Video of Mad Mike Drifting The Highest Roadway in New Zealand

Red Bull just put out this BTS video of Mike Whiddett drifting the Crown Range in Queenstown, New Zealand. The Crown Range is the highest paved roadway in NZ and has some amazing views. A ton of Go Pros, slow motion cameras, and some unreal helicopter video were used to make this final production. Check the rest of the post to see the final video and link to Mike's interview.

Slide over to to read Mike's interview. Final video is below.

via ISO1200.COM

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RED Epic, RED Scarlet, Phantom Flex, GoPro 3 Black, all thrown in the mix on this one. They played quite nicely together from what I've heard.

Pretty cool.

Drifting aroun new zeeland with over 700 bhp is a great Idea but the editing is horrible. While Watching the Video you don't get a vibe for whats happening. The Cuts are really fast and you don't see the car drifitng around one corner at once. This fact spoils the mood because you don't get that epic feeling of a sheer endless seming drift trough a corner.
There were a lot of comments about the editing right over at youtube but the seem to be deleted. Maybe redbull want's everyone to share and like but can't handle any criticism?

Exactly my feeling as well

Abram Gotthardt's picture

I agree ive been co pilot with a friend who drifts, and this video really doesnt do the sport justice. for all the money put into filming this it was quite a short edit unfortunatly.

I agree. I think the Ken Block Gymkahna videos are better edited.

Rotary engines sound so terrible.

Listen to new audi rs6 2013... ! V8 sound is so sweet !

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The 4-rotor he's running in this sounds amazing, IMO. Pure, raw, loud, and spine-tingling.

I agree with Steve. The cuts felt choppy to me. Too much trickery, and not enough thought into the drifting. It feels like directors are getting too caught up in their process, and not enough in the subject matter. Awesome car.

You know I actually agree on the editing. The BTS was a hell of a lot better. Less contrast and much smoother. But the comment on the rotory engine is just stupid. I'm not a rotory fan but holy shit that thing is humming! And tell me the Phantom cam shot as the helicopter is coming over the hill ain't badass?! That's one hell of a pilot!

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the BTS is better than the actual video. WHY?

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For all that went into that being created and shot, the finished edit is really boring!