Dave Kai Piper Shoots in a Historic Theatre

Dave Kai Piper Shoots in a Historic Theatre

While on a recent trip in the US, Dave Piper had the chance to stop by The 1905 Academy of Music Theatre in Lynchburg, VA. This historic theater is in the middle of a fund raiser to help raise money to complete their renovations. However while there, Dave had the chance to shoot a model with his Fuji X-Pro in this amazing historic environment.

Most of these photo were shot using only natural light, there are a few where Dave used a modeling light for extra fill. To find more about the fund raising for the theater check out the link. Check out the video at the bottom of the post to learn more about the theater as well.

All images used with permission from Dave Kai Piper. Here Is Dave's original post.

















Academy Fine Arts from Dave Kai Piper on Vimeo.




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I do enjoy how Fuji cameras are synonymous with "film look" which in turn is synonymous with underexposing and clipping the bottom end of the histogram curve.

Dave Piper's picture

I guess its the whole "retro" thing..

By all means, and I think it's great. If you look at how real film responds to light, it is not nearly as linear as a digital sensor, and your highlights and shadows will show far greater latitude while mid-tones are more linear. At least in the cheap negative film I've used! It makes sense then to have a curve that looks a bit like a letter "J" on it's side.

I wish the X100s came with the optics of the xf 35/1.4, that would be a perfect camera to me, and I would not need the Xpro 1. I suppose that's exactly why Fuji has in in their best interest to not make it then!

Dave Piper's picture

It would be interesting... I wonder if Fuji would make a X100s with a longer lens... and X200s maybe... Similar to the DP 1, 2 and 3 cameras from Sigma.

That is exactly what I am thinking - 50mm 1.4 equivalent with leaf shutter and built in ND filter !

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or the 56mm 1.2 that is coming soon for the X-pro ??

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these are great!

I hate to sound like a jerk, but even though the shots are pretty good, I think the location was totally underutilized. Also, the model is very pretty but not very expressive overall.

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ya, each image on their own is great IMHO. But in the set you can see the model is doing the same face and same pose in pretty much every shot.

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Much of the location was quite unstable, and we had limited time.. I would LOVE to go back one day !!

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The model is gorgeous!

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There are some amazing shots in there but a few that could have been left out.

This one in particular seems cliche:http://fstoppers.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Dave-Kai-Piper174.jpg

But still really great photos!

Dave Piper's picture

It is always nice to shoot a range of shots, we all have different tastes , so it is nice to cater for that in a shoot with a wide range of viewer like this one is aimed at.

This is very interesting and good for you for trying to raise funds. Oddly enough I had a shoot in a similar theater some 600 miles down south (historic Lyric theater in Birmingham, Alabama). I completely appreciate the fact that the location limits the shooting possibilities and I think you did a fantastic job.

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I would love to see the shots !!

I like the 7th one down (where she is emerging from the stairwell). Interesting and somewhat ominous composition. Really brings out the romantic feeling of the space.

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Thank you !!

Dave, I'm curious. Did you sell prints to help raise money for the restoration? The whole concept is fantastic - how did it directly benefit the project? I would love to do something like this; my wife has been involved with nonprofits for the better part of 20 years, and this would be right up our alley.

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I would love to explore some interesting ways to help them out. I am back in the UK now. I was passing though the US and though a friend we ended up shooting here. On the day it seemed like a good idea to film a little something to put online to help spread the story.

Awesome work

Great work! I know good images come from the photographer, not the camera. But, I'm very excited about the X series from Fuji. I jumped on the X bandwagon rather late. However, I'm selling my D7000 and have ordered a used X100 for the time being. I just don't need the bulk of a DSLR for the mostly lifestyle/walking around shooting I tend to do. I'm so torn about whether to go with the X-Pro1 and 35 f/1.4 or the X100S, especially if I really like the X100 I have shipping to me know. If anyone has any suggestions based on experience, it would be appreciated. Regards.

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Incredible images