Deconstructing a DIY Avant Garde Beauty Portrait

Sometimes a portrait requires expensive hair pieces and jewelry... other times the shoot just needs clean makeup and some paper doilies.

This video from Lindsay Adler shows that some cheap supplies, creativity, and a good team is all you need to create some stunning looks. When it comes to making beautiful images, often times it's difficult to make things without a team involved. A good way to find your team and the people you really click with is to do "creatives," also known as test shoots.  

For this shoot with Lindsay it took place on a creative play day she shot, where she brings in a model or two, her team, and just lets her creativity fly, which is something I think all creatives should do. Find a day or two each month, at minimum, and do creatives, find a time to just let yourself play and find the fun in photography again. She mentions in the video that the makeup artist had an idea and she didn't give any direction. I feel that this is an important takeaway from the video: Trust your team. Creatives aren't just about your portfolio, but about the portfolios of everyone involved, don't ignore other people's ideas: It should be a collaboration. 

I find photos like this so inspiring. They are simple, creative, and feel like I could do something inspired by them without much issue. Makes me excited to start photographing people again once the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

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