Everything You Need to Know for Your First Paid Photoshoot

While most of us here have been through the experience of your first paid photoshoot, there are definitely a lot of users here using the content of this site to further themselves to a professional level.

If you are looking to pursue photography as a career or maybe just a side hustle, and are looking to do your first paid photoshoot, then this video from Evan Ranft is a perfect crash course on what to expect and how to find that first paying client.

Ranft is professional photographer based out of Atlanta and a fast growing name on YouTube. He takes his years of professional shooting knowledge and gives you a crash on really most if not all of what you need to know to at least get your first client and first paid shoot. Along with the great tips and working knowledge on the matter, Ranft has a way of giving you everything you need to know without sugar coating it and that in itself is a breath of fresh air in the industry. In the end, this video will give you the framework for acquiring that milestone first client and the know how to execute it properly.

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