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Fashion BTS with David Thompson

Watching behind the scenes videos with tons of lights is always interesting to me and this one from leading fashion pro David Thompson is no different. Not to mention the workflow insights he gives. This is a two-part video so be sure to tune in after the jump for the other half.

I especially enjoy the way he interacts with his staff. If you're new to working with large crews follow his lead. You may not have the giant set or arsenal of Profotos but you can still have solid communication skills with those on set and do wonders for your work.

Part Two:

Video from PhaseOne

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Award winning photographer, Fstoppers writer and entrepreneurial consultant David Bickley is wholly engaged in helping people become more. Be it more confident via the portraits and fitness photos that brought him world-wide recognition, or more profitable in business through mentoring... David lives to bring his client's voice out into the world.

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Very interesting indeed.....we need more of these on Fstoppers.


Interesting BTS. I was wondering if he could have achieve the same blown out background effect with a simpler setup? 

This did seem like quite the setup for something simple like blowing out the background. Though his final work is just stunning so however you get the shot is the best way. Haha. I was a fan of his direct attitude when it came to posing and keeping things flowing, I am not the type to do this but very effective and refreshing to see others work flow. 

Great BTS!  Wondering what was the setup for wireless transfer to the iPad.

One more thing: I don't like skinny models...

 Capture one created an app for hand held Apple devices named Capture Pilot. I assume the computer and hand held device share the same wireless network allowing the images to transfer from the computer to the hand held device in real time. I might be wrong.

you are correct, If I remember correct Douglas Sonders one of the Fstopper bloggers works with the same system. He once wrote a bit about it.


most likely its capture one pilot. 

Two questions:
1) Where can I buy that "Focus Device?"
2) What did fashion photographers do in the days of film?

I liked that reflection photo in post.  Great videos.

#2 = Polaroids.

yup, polaroid backs can actually be used on modern medium format bodies.

"I especially enjoy the way he interacts with his staff."

Early on I was a little worried that you were completely mistaken when he started clapping at the lowly assistants as if they were three year olds. I am glad I was mistaken.

that is some stunning work.  

This has encouraged me to exercise a little more discipline in setting up my clean whites.

Perfect BTS. Very detailed and explanatory. 
* +2stop too much for the white background, isn't it?

Thanks for the BTS...loved the direction of the model who magically knew what he meant to do :-)

As far as using the Capture One system for wireless transmitting, I explain here in video I made when i was shooting product with Capture One, check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsQuAxQkDQk

Awesome find/post FS...