The GPP 2013 Shootout: John Keatley, Zack Arias and Lindsay Adler

Imagine being brought into a room blind and told that you had to photograph one of the most talented photographers in the business today? Then, imagine you have to do it live, in front of a room of other photographers including David Hobby and Joe McNally. Oh and you've only got 20 minutes. Stressful right? Completely. Watch how these three amazing photographers handled their assignment of shooting the great Gregory Heisler in very different ways.

John Keatley was up first with a very Keatleyesq photo. It was "quirky" lit in his standard style and probably my favorite of the bunch, while Lindsay Adler threw everyone a curveball with a quick composite and Zack Arias, well, apart from an entrance that would rival most rock stars, put on a show that completely won over the audience.

So what do you think? Who won? Was the audience right or would you have picked someone else?

Also, how would you have shot it? Any ideas?

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John Keatley won!

love the energy of this .. learned a lot too!

David Hobby tweeted a few days ago that "Zack Arias" Won!

If Zack reads this and sees how you spelled his name, He's gonna drop heavies on you!

Ah! you're right. It will be fixed!

wow! loved it! and Zach is ever the showman.

David mentioned on his blog that Lindsay said that she'd never heard of him or Joe McNally.

Zack walked it.

I smiled for ear to ear when Zack made his entrance. Everyone loves that guy!

HAVE to attend next year!!!!!!!! That was FUN!!!

Showmanship never hurts.


Great great great!

Zach is (wants to be) a "rock-star"! Awesome!