Instagram's Top 15 Most Influential

Instagram's Top 15 Most Influential

Where are the top Fortune 500 companies sourcing new talent for their advertising campaigns? Direct mail promos, e-promos, portfolio meetings? Try Instagram. Even after the Terms of Service backlash in December 2012, the photo-sharing site surges on and photographers, many just hobbyists with big followings, are being sourced by major companies for campaign work.

Fifteen photographers recently caught the eye of Business Insider and are ranked in order of followers online here.

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Instagram has done one thing I really admire, it encourages people to use the camera in their hands and as a result more photos and moments are shared than ever before. Many Fstoppers readers hate on Instagram and I really don't get why. It encourages photo sharing, creativity and yeah some of the filters are cheesy but most are meant to mimic old film and I think it's good that film is still influencing us even if we're not all shooting on it anymore. It's a good way to pay respect to the origin of photography, as a medium.

I think the people that hate on it don't get that there are so many users and some much variation in quality but this is just like other social networks and media platforms. You can follow complete trash on twitter just the same as on instagram. I really enjoy checking my feed each morning and seeing the updates from the various photographers I follow and it's really helped me improve myself.

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absolutely agree. now that the whole "hipster + instagram" hate fad is sorta dying out, I think more people are realizing the great thing about instagram. It has inspired me to create art on a daily basis, knowing that I'll have a platform to share it on. Be it a thought out photo from my dslr or an iphone snapshot i edited in snapseed or afterlight. it's a great way for visual creatives to inspire each other and connect.

I have a hand-me-down iphone 3 and a D800 with a connector to an ipad. I'm a freelance photog and my dslr is with me all the time so I chose to exclusively use the d800 for my new instagram page (@photopoa). My goal is to use this as a place to share my street photography from Tanzania (where i live/work). I keep a website for my 'other' work. One more outlet for photographers is a good thing in my opinion because it keeps us experimenting and evolving.