John Keatley Shoots Jake Locker For Men's Health

John Keatley gives us a quick look behind the scenes of his shoot with University of Washington quarterback Jack Locker for Men's Health Magazine. This video gives you a great look at his lighting set ups as well as the colossal amount of gear he takes to such a simple shoot.

Check out more of John Keatley's work HERE.







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Mark Kauzlarich's picture

For some reason, it looks like more gear when its packed up.

Oliver Suckling's picture

Nice video, really appreciated seeing some of the setup, but like a lot of these videos what happened to the final images? They might have been terrible for all we know!

although judging by his other work......

Bua's picture

Looks like soft light all around. Playing safe I reckon. Where is the sense of adventure?

but where is result ?