Learn Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Beverage Images

There is a lot of money in food, beverage, and product photography and a huge demand for photographers that can build these images. Think of the shear number of images you see when you walk into your local grocery store or while driving down the highway. Those images are being created by photographers that specialize in creating these images. Join us this May and learn how to become one of these photographers.


This May, RGG Photo will be bringing you two highly specialized, hands on workshops that are geared towards honing your photography skills in beverage and product photography. By adding a specialty like this to your craft you will be equipping yourself to bid on entirely different projects. If you already specialize in these areas then this workshop is especially for you. Rob Grimm has 23+ years in the industry and operates 2 full commercial studios in Chicago and St. Louis. His client list is longer than his left arm and his knowledge base in food, beverage, and product photography is vast. Furthermore his eye for composition is both a science as much as it is an art and he will be teaching these important skills as well as common lighting designs for various products.


Class Sizes

We will be engaging with our attendees and limiting the class size in order to give each attendee hands on time with the products and plenty of time for every question. We will be working with both medium format and dslr cameras to show the difference and equip you with the knowledge to operate both. We will also be using a wide variety of accessible lighting modifiers and lights so that anyone can take these skills back to their studios. From DIY to Broncolor, we will cover both.

Portfolio Reviews

We will be providing full portfolio reviews of your work and will be an open resource for helping you perfect your portfolio and build your online presence with how you present your images on the web and in portfolio showings. Each student will have the opportunity to get a written and verbal critique of their work, should they want it up to 1 year from the workshop class.

Sign Up In January For 20% Deposit Only

If you sign up in January, you may reserve your spot for only 20% down. If you need further assistance in booking please contact me directly and we will try our best to help you get down there. We've priced these workshops lower than industry rates and encourage you to use this opportunity as a business write-off and get a tax credit for this business expense at the end of this year. This could be the best investment you've ever made.


This workshop will be taught in the Bahamas. Think of this as a flight to Orlando. The flights are average priced and the hotel prices can be lower than 200/night. All of these are tax write-offs. Plus you will be in paradise with some of the coolest people in the industry. Network Network Network!






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