Meet Rob Grimm | Food & Beverage Fstoppers Workshop Instructor

This May will be the second year in a row Rob Grimm will teach two studio lighting and composition classes at the Fstoppers workshops in the Bahamas. After selling out early last year, Rob will be leading two multi-day classes that focus on lighting, composition, and styling for two different workshops. The best part is you also get a $1,000 gift certificate to PRO EDU for going to take what you learned even further.By now you may have hear that the Fstoppers host an incredible event every year down in the Bahamas feauturing some amazing instructors. This year Rob Grimm is returning for two workshops that are two full day classes. The first focuses on product photography and still life food photography. This will be similar to the content in Rob's newly released Complete Guide To Editorial Food Photography and one of three tutorials you will receive for free if you attend. The second class is focused on glass, beverage, cocktails, and studio lighting. This class will explore the world of studio lighting, composition, and all of the tricks of the trade behind what Rob does to create his images. Check out the trailer below:

Fstoppers Workshop Trailer For PRO EDU

A Look At One Of The Tutorials That Come With Your Workshop

If you are interested in going, you can put down a partial deposit now at the Fstoppers Workshops site. You can also save quite a bit of money by bunking up with a roommate to split the cost of the room, which is substantially discounted becuase we are booking with such a large group.

I'm not going to lie. This is a considerable investment on your part but also a really great step for your career. If you are serious about making photography your full time job or taking your business to a whole new level of quality and operations, Rob and our team at PRO EDU will spend the entire week making sure you are getting what you came for. The best part of this whole expereince is that we are giving you a $1,000 gift certificate to PRO EDU where you can purchase 3 tutorials on Editorial Food Photography (out now), Product Photography (March 2015), and beverage photography (summer 2015). These intense workshops are 15+ hours of pre-production, interviews, interactive guides, pricing & markeing podcasts, hours of photo shoots on-location for real clients, and Photoshop retouching where we take the concepts you learned and bring them to life with high-end retouchers.

Please feel free to reach out to me personally if you have any reservations about this trip. Rob and I are available for Skype calls, Direct Phone Calls, Chats, SMS's, iMessage, Telegrams, Western Unions, Pen Pals, Sticky Notes, Snow Angels, and Trust Falls. Feel free to contact me directly at with any questions.

Also feel free to come on by PRO EDU and say hello if you are ever in St. Louis.

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Gary W. Martin is a commercial photography producer and founder of PRO EDU. His company creates documentary style Photography and Photoshop tutorials with some of the best photographer/instructors in the world. Gary has spent 20% of his life abroad and once made a monkey faint in Costa Rica. He speaks English and Romanian.

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I love watching Rob work...I saw him on CreativeLIve and ended up purchasing his course. The vision and attention to detail is top notch. I love how these new all encompass tutorials are done now a days, really impressive. Definitely on my shopping list for this year.

Thanks David for both picking up the CL course and noting what we are doing with RGG EDU. Tutorials should take you on-location in real jobs as if you're right there assisting, which is what we're trying to do with our tutorials. Furthermore we take it a step further with our approach to the pre-production, multiple photo shoots, and everything in post. Our tutorials take you through the entire process like no other tutorials do.---Cheers

It definitely shows. I just found your FB page, just recently replied to one of your post regarding showing you guys our work. Looking forward to learning some more about this genre of photography. Best wishes guys!

Really been debating on this class for a while now, and I think I'm going to pull the trigger and reserve my spot in one of the classes. And like you said it's a big investment but I mean I'm also series in pursuing this field as my career.

So now it's a matter of figuring out what class to take and how much ramen I'll have to eat, but I bet it will be worth it.

Austin. To put a few things in persecutive for you of 2 students who attended last year. One photographer took our class who had absolutely NO expereince in product/still life photography and who only shot people. I got a note from him a few weeks ago saying that one of his biggest jobs of last year was product photography for bigger local companies.

The second story I will say is that we had a participant last year from Brazil who took both of our classes. He was already an amazing photographer/retoucher and took the class and was still able to learn quite a bit. He just recently moved to St. Louis and is now working for Rob Grimm full time in our studio.

Point being that this is both a great networking event and also an amazing opportunity to add something like studio product/food photography to your knowledge so when you do meet a client that needs product, you will know exactly how to approach the job. light the job, and deliver a great product.

Hope that helps and we look forward to seeing you down there!

And you are welcome to have dinner with us as much as possible and as usual, drinks are on me.

Drinks? I'm in.

comment taken back and Gary slowly walks backwards out of the room

Oh that's right. I remember now. You can't handle tequila.

Wait Tomas works for you guys now? That's awesome, he rocks!

I just got brought on for a test run as an assistant at RGG EDU, and I'm SUPER excited. I didn't even know they were in St. Louis until I saw it on one of the other posts on here.