Special Effects Product Photography with Von Wong

Von Wong recently did a product shoot for ioSafe hard drives where he had to produce two images: one highlighting the hard drives' fireproof abilities and the other its waterproofing. While capturing its toughness, he also had to make that big black box look aesthetically appealing. It's actually a lot easier said than done.

Von Wong used two looks to get the point across on the product. One image shows the hard drive fully submerged in a fish tank, the other shows the drive surrounded by exploding flames. To see his full breakdown on the shoot check out Von Wong's post on his site.

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Violet or Violent?

Von Wong's picture

awesome thanks for sharing!

Yousif Sadik's picture

Did he just go from with tattoo and the start to without a tattoo....?

It's henna, a temporary kind of tattoo.

for when you only feeling like manning up temporarily

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I looked badass for a week haha :P

Absolutely phenomenal!! The combination of fire and water photography is indeed marvelous. Cheers and big thumbs up!!!!!

Excellent Photography! I have never seen like this. Like the idea.