These Unique Hockey Photos Were Shot Inside of a Glacier

If you are a fan of photographers who push themselves to the limit to create unique shots, check out this incredible behind-the-scenes video of a photographer who made his way into a glacier to create these interesting shots. 

Coming to you from Ryan Richardson, this neat video follows photographer Paul Zizka as he ventures into a glacier to shoot hockey images. Just getting there was no small feat, requiring braving the harsh and unforgiving conditions of the Canadian winter in Banff National Park. However, it was worth the effort, as Zizka found what he calls "a once in a 100 years thing," a flat, natural skating rink at the bottom of a cave hidden in a glacier. Zizka says he has been exploring ice caves for over a decade, and this was the first time he had seen something like this. 

Getting to the ice cave required a 10-kilometer hike in 100 km/h headwinds, but Zizka, the crew, and fellow photographers made the trek. Once they got there, they resurfaced the "rink" ice by removing the snow that had made its way inside. Going one step further, Zizka melted a bit of snow and dragged it on a beach towel to mimic a Zamboni, making the surface smoother and more reflective. In the end, it made for some pretty neat and unique shots. After the session was done, all involved played a short scrimmage on the ice inside the glacier! 

Check out the video above to see the process and the images. 

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