Watch This Quirky Stop-Motion Dance Video and BTS of How It Was Pulled Off

Frame Order is a Netherlands-based animation studio that normally creates cartoons. With their latest short film “Golden Oldies,” the team took on the challenge of pixilation using real people. This stop motion technique blends human actors with animated scenes, and this video is the perfect example of the creative potential and fun that can be had with it.

“Golden Oldies” is set in a fifties diner and pits a timid teen versus the classic bad boy in a fight to dance with the girl… So long as the rock ‘n’ roll keeps playing.

After watching “Golden Oldies,” I was so impressed with the quality and couldn’t imagine how some of it could have practically been done without coming across over-the-top ridiculous and taking me out of the film. Luckily, Frame Order released a behind-the-scenes video that goes to show just how brilliant-minded they are in making the more complex scenes possible. It’s a very interesting look at how it all comes together and is good inspiration for anyone seeking a more unique style in a project.

If you enjoyed the film check out the Frame Order website.

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wow this is work and creativity!