5 Ways to Increase Your Business

We are always looking for more ways to increase our photo and video business, but given the nature of creative pursuits, the road to more success is not always clear. If you are looking to increase your business, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will give you five tips to get more clients and increase your income. 

Coming to you from Olufemii, this excellent video tutorial discusses five tips to increase your business (and though it is oriented toward video work, the tips generally apply to photography work as well). Of the tips, I think the one that is most crucial and that applies to pretty much anyone's work is the importance of personal projects. If you are busy with your professional pursuits, it can be tough to find time to set aside for additional unpaid work. However, it is important to find that time whenever possible. Personal projects are generally the only time you will have complete creative control and thus be able to fully explore and develop your personal style. And of course, it is that style that attracts clients to your work in the first place. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Emmanuel ARNOUD's picture

This video looks more like a huge promo for Epidemic Sounds .... The dude announces that he has more work than he can handle and that he makes a good living with his main activity, but apparently, he still needs to make money with affiliation.