500px Launches '500px for Business,' a New Global On-Demand Photography Service

500px Launches '500px for Business,' a New Global On-Demand Photography Service

Earlier in the year, I reported on a photography service that was offering tourists the chance to summon a professional photographer through an app — essentially the photo-equivalent of Uber. Reaction to the concept was mixed, although there's clearly potential in the idea, as 500px has just taken things up a notch with "500px for Business," their newly-announced series of photography on-demand services.

So, what differentiates them from other companies offering similar services?

We draw upon billions of data points from social signals on our own site about what images people respond to based on their demographic and psychographic make up... from how Americans versus people from Asia want to see images of Amsterdam, to what kinds of images of coffee women like versus men.

Thousands of photographers from various countries have already signed up to the new service, whose model works as follows:

  • The client creates a brief including what they want for shooting, locations, timescales for submission, budget, etc.
  • Photographers anywhere in the world submit their images, should they wish to accept the brief.
  • The client then reviews all of the submissions before selecting their chosen photo(s).
  • Customers can also add a snippet of web code to their site; the photos that generate the most traction in the way of being clickable for purchases end up staying in rotation, while unpopular images are dropped.

You can find out more information on the service here

[via Business Wire]

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This looks a lot like Imagebreif.com

Looks exactly like imagebrief...

Not sure: is it to book an assignment or to sell existing images?

idea is good, however, the system always fails, (like imagebrief or snapwire)... Contributors don't even read the briefs, they just upload irrelevant images. Without editor approval process, 500px version will fail as well. I checked the submissons and the briefs are full of irrelevant trash images. Last year I disappointed as an image buyer and just lost time waiting for a normal image relevant to my brief. Nothing came out from these kind of websites.

I think 500px photography business is good. Al of the photographer sell their image with 500px business service