Advice to Photographers on Pitching to a Photo Editor

Sarah Tilotta provides some words of wisdom on pitching to a photo editor. It's a short video with some gems worth remembering, like being nice. Seems like the world could use a lot more of that. 

As a freelance photo editorm Sarah Tilotta has worked for NPR and VICE and currently works at CNN International and is based in London. There are a few highlights that really resonated with me: be professional (be nice), show your personal work, and make sure you know your audience. In reverse order: audience, there are so many e-mail services out there, just because you can send thousands of emails doesn't mean you have to. Show your personal work: this one I really like and will be picking up on this and working this into my writing here, periodically highlighting personal projects that inspire and interest me. Professionalism: be nice; you've probably heard this before, but it bears repeating, from initial phone call to project wrap, be professional and be nice.  

The other important point she makes is networking face to face. There is a wide variety of festivals, conventions, exhibitions, and shows that provide a perfect opportunity to build relationships with people in our field. There's no app, e-mail, or print mailer that can replace a few minutes of real-world conversation.

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