The Best Response to Give When You Are Told Your Prices Are Too Expensive

Typically, regardless of where your prices are set, you are bound to run into someone that says your prices are too high, other photographers are cheaper, and will ask if you can lower yours. What's the best way to respond to these types of inquiries?

I have experienced it myself: you have someone reach out to inquire about booking a session, and when it comes to your pricing, they respond with something that tells you they want a cheaper session. In this video, photographer Michael Sasser shares what he has come up with as his best response to these types of inquiries. 

Before you respond, there are a few things Sasser points out that you should remember:

  • They want to hire you. They are contacting you back because they want to hire you versus the other photographer (at their prices), so you have a tiny bit of an advantage. 
  • Sometimes, they are not your client. There are people out there that will be happy to have you as their photographer and happy to pay your prices.
  • People spend money on what they value. 

After talking with several photographers, Sasser has created a response that he has found to work best for him. He also shared that one of his fellow photographers is a little blunter in their response. Sasser shares valid points and suggestions on how to respond. There might be times where it does make sense for you to offer a bit of a discount. In the end, if it makes sense, that decision is yours. 

What responses have you found work for you in these situations? 

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Staff writer Alex Ventura is a professional photographer based out of the Houston area that specializes in automotive and glamour with the occasional adventures into other genres. He regularly covers automotive related events for Houston Streets & Spekture with some publications in the United States.

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Excellent advice that applies to all genre of photography.

Brought to you by the same language that gave us hot temperatures, large sizes, heavy weights and old ages.

I'll still be here if you want to hire me.

I love Michael Sasser's videos, he always gives out relevant and useful advice, not just for boudoir photogs.

Thanks Alex,

the video adds value. Respect.

Wow I kinda agree that the album price is a little bit high and what if people would rather have digital image copies? I used to charge between $600-$800 extra on wedding albums, but I didn't realize this many clients would want a boudoir album. The few boudoir images I have seen in friends houses were all large prints in nice matted frames above or near their bed in their master bedroom. I wasn't aware these types of clients wanted albums to show to their friends or family lol. Interesting way of delivering this kind of imagery and quite surprising to me as well.

Wonderful article. He's put it up perfectly, so there is a higher chance of converting the inquiry if the client values the work. :)

Just tell me. Dont post video makinh me waste time and bandwidth to watch

For those who don't want to watch the long video, the answer is:

1. There are definitely cheaper photographers out there, you can use them
2. There's a lot that goes into the shoot, so I'm going to hold your hand through the whole experience
3. I only take a limited number of shoots to ensure you have 100% of my focus
4. I'll get you high quality photos, fast
5. If #1-4 don't matter to you, then you can find a cheaper photographer you'll be happy with
6. If #1-4 do matter to you, then look at my testimonials that prove I'm legit

Videos 🙄 I right?