CherryDeck: A Free Marketplace for Instagram Portfolios

CherryDeck: A Free Marketplace for Instagram Portfolios

CherryDeck is a new platform for photographers who mainly use Instagram to show their work. With CherryDeck, photographers can sign up for free with their Instagram account and get listed based on their area of expertise, allowing potential clients to search and find the best talent within seconds.

CherryDeck was first launched a couple of months ago by Philipp Baumgaertel and his friend in Hamburg, Germany, and was soon expanded to the United States and Australia. According to Baumgaertel, CherryDeck is still a prototype, but more than 1,500 photographers have already signed up to use their service for free, and it allows people to search by using in-site filters such as distance, expertise, and categories. The good part about CherryDeck is that photographers are listed regardless of their follower numbers. Therefore, the system aims to create an equal marketplace for talent. In addition, the website limits category selection and search results are based on location. The only requirement for subscribing as a photographer is having at least 99 followers and 9 images, to show that your profile is active.

I think, less options make things easier, both for photographers and clients

I tried CherryDeck as a photographer, and when connecting my Instagram account, it only allowed me to pick the nine best images based on the categories that I had selected. This is a nice feature, as it keeps things simple and easy. From a client perspective, it is even better because it prevents irrelevant images from showing up. Plus, you can always change your categories as long as you redefine your selected categories when you do so.

CherryDeck seems best suited for traveling photographers or couples who seek local wedding photographers, but what do you think about services like CherryDeck? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Burak is a photographer and creative retoucher specialising in fashion and advertising, working with international clients from Canada, Europe and Australia.

Currently lives and works in Manchester, UK.

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Just an FYI. While you're listed despite your following numbers, you are listed at the top of a search if you have the most followers.

hi wayne, we saw this and will adapt our code towards a more balanced direction. still in a very early stage :)

thanks burak! we appreciate it! ❤️

Lets try it:) i need 4 refferals now :D
When i will reach, i will delete it :) After 4 refferals, you get advanced options, thx

done. ;)

Can you please help with some advice..I understand in order to be "Cherry Picked" one must have 99 followers is there anyway to join other then that i.e. portfolio review (seems more professional then just "Likes") ....I am not new to photography and have been a professional for over 3 decades but I am new to Instagram. I could "Buy" followers but think this is a deceitful way to get noticed.... Thank you for your kind attention.

I signed up, seems like a great concept and who can argue with another source to find work. Heres a referral if anyone would be kind enough to use it:

My Instagram account is a blend of business and professional photos. Cherrydeck only allows the selection of 9 photos from among those with the most likes. That leaves me with only 2 photos that are appropriate for my account. Try again.

Need refferals. Klick on link if you are going to join.

Would love some referrals! If you're gonna sign up might as well use a link (:

I began the process of connecting my primary Instagram account with Cherrydeck this morning, stopped when I realize I needed to add several more images to my collection first. NOW... I can no longer login or edit my Instagram page.

I get the photographer side, but who is looking for photographers on this thing? Most people looking for photographers already know one or will Google it. Where does the expectation that people will go through CherryDeck or download some app to look for a photographer?

Just received a newsletter from Cherrydeck... which lists minimum numbers to be considered for jobs.

Tell us more about it please!

What is this Referals thing about CHerrydeck? Im thinking in paying the 80 euros yearly to be able to apply to Jobs announced there, but how does this works about referals? Cheers!

So I tried cherrydeck, let's get the important stuff out there first. It's NOT free. OK yeah so it's free to sign up, but do do anything, to have a profile etc... you have to sign up to an expensive monthly service.

How useful is cherrydeck? I would have to say not very. If you're a photographer who is a little insecure, and you just have to get as many eyes on your work as possible, then maybe this is your thing, but in all honesty clients just don't look for photographers this way.

My opinion would be, build your portfolio and clients naturally over time, and just don't waste your time with gimmick services like this.

If by free you mean a free 14 day trial folowed by £9 a month then yes... its totally free...