Four Helpful Tips for Landing More Photography Jobs

You can have all the creative and technical talent in the world, but if you want to be successful as a photographer, it is crucial that your business abilities be sharp as well. This great video will give you four tips for landing more photography jobs. 

Coming to you from David Bergman with Adorama TV, this helpful video will give you four tips for landing more jobs as a photographer. Of the tips, the two most salient for me over the years have been to be persistent and to have thick skin. It can be difficult, especially in creative genres, to deal with rejection of things you have put a lot of your time and energy into, but it is something we all deal with, whether we are completely new to the business or seasoned professionals. It is important to learn to not take these rejections personally and to continue to persevere. I recommend finding a trusted friend or mentor who can give you honest feedback on your work and to try to tune out the rest of the noise. Check out the video above for lots of helpful advice. 

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