I Hired a Copywriter and Why You Should Too

I Hired a Copywriter and Why You Should Too

You’re not a writer, so stop trying to be one. For the past 10 years I’ve struggled with the same thing, and that's website copy. I finally put that burden to rest and hired a copywriter. Here's why you should too.

Even if you’re a decent writer, writing about yourself is probably the most difficult subject matter. Copy can be as important as your images when a client is deciding who to book. It is a statement of intent, value, and information, all in one. A good copywriter will capture you and your services perfectly, especially if they are accustomed to writing for your field of expertise.

Grammar is as important to search engine optimization (SEO) as it is to keeping your reader on your site. This Grammarly article goes into depth regarding grammar and SEO and it's worth a read even if you’re not an SEO nerd. Not everyone is graced with the skills to write persuasive content, and that’s what you need; As a photographer you are selling yourself as well as your services. However, we are immersed in photography and that can obscure the way we view ourselves. A copywriter will be bringing a powerful advantage of an objective perspective.

Take a look at the before and after of my “About Me” page courtesy of Tense Studio.


In today’s TL;DR society, brevity while maintaining punch is essential. If you present your visitor with a wall of text, they are likely to move on. Copywriters will aid in achieving the most bang for your buck, vying for the reader's precious time. It’s said that 55 percent of users spend less than 15 seconds on a website. That’s 15 seconds to sell yourself and your service.

Aside from all the other reasons to hire a copywriter, perhaps the convenience of it all was the biggest draw for me. No staring at the words I wrote and hate 30 different times, asking multiple friends what they think. A few emails back and forth to tweak the initial copy and the page feels exponentially better. Tense Studio also helped fine-tune several other pages that needed attention. Drew was able to capture myself and what I provide for the client in a way that I would have never been able to do.

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Tell me more about your blushing. Feel free to be as detailed as possible.

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Just like I get when you call me late at night.

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Instagram me like one of your french girls.

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And his love of cats!

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Excuse me sir, do you have time to talk about kitties?

Anonymous's picture

Now I need to find a copywriter who works for credit on my website.

It's great promotion!

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just hired a copywriter on fiverr: https://www.fiverr.com/janesteven/write-up-to-250-words-of-copywriting-8...

I will post my feedback!

Kiel Wode's picture

Here's what $5 got me:

Based in Paradise Point, Kiel Wode brings energy and enthusiasm to all his shoots. We offers a wide range of photographic services to make your business really jump out from the competition.

We can spotlight your product (and food) so that it's memorable and distinct. Either in our cutting edge studio filled with state of the art equipment (which is also available for hire), or on site for your convenience. We offer headshots, with a 48 hour turnaround time which are perfect for corporate profile, or for your acting/modelling portfolio. We also produce video advertisements, so that your prospective customers or investors can see you and your business in action.

Need a Facebook presence? We offer Social Media Management packages which are easily customized to your exact needs. Let Vert manage your page by posting on your behalf, develop promotions and competitions, and follow up on the customer contact through the page.

Previous clients include The Cleanse Kitchen, Follow Hair Studio, Budds Beach, Paradox Coffee Roasters, Surfers Paradise the 4217, and many more.

Very happy with it all!

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That's actually pretty amazing!

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Now if only I can find one who will work for exposure and the promise of "big jobs" in the future

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Hey, there's no reason to have fat cats. You're the human. Put them on a diet.

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Stop body shaming my cats.

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Thank you! I hired Drew to do the same for me after I read this. He did a great job!

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Really Glad to hear it mate!

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Thank you so much for writing this. As a copywriter and journalist, it's so great to read articles like this