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An Introvert's Guide to Finding Photo and Video Clients and Networking

Does the idea of finding clients and networking fill you with dread? I know most of us would much prefer to stay behind the camera, taking pictures all day long, but that's really only part of being a professional. If you lack the confidence or game plan to gain new clients, then these strategies could really make a difference. 

The people over at The Futur are back once again but this time in a mentor capacity to help out creatives who struggle with the confidence to network and gain new clients. The video features Chris Do, the founder of brand strategy design consultancy Blind, Inc., and Rebecca Heinemann, creative director of CraftWell Studios, who Do is currently mentoring.

Even though the examples used in the video are related to a web designer, the concepts suggested are more than transferable to any kind of creative practice. Do methodically profiles Heinemann to work out potential opportunities that she isn't taking advantage of. Do goes onto explain how many of us are missing opportunities right under our noses, because we tend to switch out of work mode when we don't have our professional hat on. The beauty of utilizing existing relationships to win new clients is you'll actually stand a better chance of a positive outcome than the alternative of cold calling. I think regardless of your confidence level, the points raised in the video make the idea of networking much less overwhelming and well worth considering.

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Michael Kuszla's picture

So true! As freelancer too, I just can add "finding the right client take time, because you have to know them and build a relationship, not just beeing in contact".
Thanks Paul!

Paul Parker's picture

You're very welcome Michael!

Brian Reisinger's picture

Great video -- and much appreciated. Whether you're a photographer, designer or circus juggler, there are a shit-ton of great tips in here. Thanks, Paul, Chris and Rebecca.

Paul Parker's picture

Haha glad to hear Brian, I posted this as I thought a lot of people would find it useful.

Thanks for stopping by!