New Location Scouting Site Wants to Make Planning a Photo Shoot a Community Affair

Most photographers are constantly on the hunt for great new locations. From graffiti-adorned alleyways to vast blooming meadows, the search for new backdrops is an endless challenge. 

Resorting to a Google image search can be helpful to case a new location, but the results can be a bit lacking and nonspecific. If only there were a better option?

Enter, a community-driven location database devised by Milton, Ontario-based photographer Aron Goss.

The searchable map.

Scoutt is simple, searchable world map that allows photographers to share their favorite shooting spots with their peers. And, the best part? You can try Scoutt for free beginning today.

Functionally, Scoutt does everything right. Locations that have been scouted are easily searchable by area, address or keyword. But browsing around the map with freestyle scrolling and zooming can be fun just to peep other photographer’s work.

Once you’ve found a location you’d like to investigate, you just click on a Scoutt pin to bring up a preview of the image from that spot. From there you can view a larger image, or more images from the contributing photographer.

An expanded view of a thumbnail image from the map.

When playing contributor, sharing images is a simple process. Setting up your profile, uploading your photos and locations, and managing the site’s few options is more or less intuitive. The site is still in beta, but having a more personalized homepage might be a nice touch for the future.

There isn’t much to dislike about what Scoutt is trying to accomplish, or the ease of use within its simple, stylish interface. There seems to be plenty of room for growth, but most of that will depend on the community.

It’s a seemingly obvious idea that is easy to see growing into both a powerful tool, as well as a great communal space just based on the basic merit of its usefulness.

The photographers will have to come for this to happen, and for right now there is no reason that they shouldn’t give it a shot. is free during it’s beta launch and requires no credit card to sign up.

So get to planning or globe trotting at's profile page.

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Adam is the Assistant Director of Photography at Central Michigan University. He has been pushing a button for a living since 2009 and for that entire time constantly finds himself correcting people who pronounce it "fur-tographer".

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You might want to read the T&C's before pressing the sign up/enter button.

Also have your credit card details ready, for when they charge you to upload your photos and view someone else's uploads, just to check out a location.

Personally, Google Maps is my preferred choice to "scout" a location, rather than my credit card.

Thanks for informing me and us. When I saw "community based" I thought it was like a open source system like google but I guess they used community more for customer based community only. I am already seeing this not working out if no one will even try the free trail as it does require a credit card. Maybe volunteers to help start it up by getting free lifetime accounts ;-) ?

I read their terms, and it seems like they want far too many rights to any content I might upload, and I seem to be getting far too little in return for what I'd be giving them. On top of that, I'll have to pay them in the future, for a service that I can already perform using Google Maps, Google Image Search, Flickr, and other free resources. I think I'll pass on Scoutt.

It's free today, but even if it becomes paid only sooner or later wouldn't that just hurt the growth of locations being shown which can simply cost people to not come at all due to the lack or very slow growth in new locations...?

Not sure how they're going to make the money on this but I'd assume a subscription pay to see the locations with addresses but here's an idea... sell the location coordinates/address to each location and the option to have a subscription model as well. Some hobbyists may not have the time to do it once a month or more even, to really justify a X amount monthly cost. But as I said above having any paid model will slow growth, maybe having a paid version for popular locations vs. new not so popular.

so, you want us to share amazing locations we shoot.

once everyone does that. you'll make it paid. and even those who contributed to collect those locations either pay the site or get out.


There is an app called SceneScout which is essentially the same thing only free.

Will try SceneScout then :D
Moreover, there is ReGo as well. 7,99$ in the iTunes store.

I wonder how this is going to be different from the free Other than paying for it, of course. . . .

The are better off doing an App and charging 99cent for it. They are absolutely not getting my credit card number to use on a monthly basis...Nope Nope Nope

Total waste of time. The terms are ridiculous. This will go away quickly. If only they had used their brains, and not their greed.

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the comments. As of now the plan is to go Ad based, so there is no credit card or money requirement at all. We are simply offering the service free of charge at zero cost to you. It is something I wish I had for years as a full time photographer so I had it developed.

All for all the other apps mentioned, they use pre existing cluttered data that highlight bridges or zoos etc. We only show vetted professional images from other photographers like yourself. We plan on opening up the doors to brides and wedding planners soon, so adding locations will hopefully connect you with future work. Everytime you post an image, you are also gaining tons of SEO and backlinks. There is no obligation to add your hidden gem locations, but by sharing a handful of locations you are ensuring the community will grow. We would love for you to be apart of the growing community.

Thanks again for taking the time to read about us.


Since Scoutt is now defunct you may wish to check out this alternative website

(Self-promotion disclaimer, I'm one of the co-founders.)