Nikon Marks 100 Years in Photography With Dramatic New Video

This year, Nikon is gearing up to celebrate its 100th anniversary. July 25 is the date that marks a century since three leading optical manufacturers merged to form the company we now know as Nikon in Tokyo, Japan. Check out this freshly released video that is leading Nikon's proceedings.

Speaking ahead of the milestone this summer, Nikon said: "We at Nikon sincerely thank everyone who has been part of this journey for their support in the development of our company over its 100-year history."

Nikon has also released a dramatic video, which you can see above in the buildup to July. The new visual highlights just how far they’ve advanced by showcasing many of the defining moments of their technology throughout the last 100 years. There is also the 100th anniversary website dedicated to the occasion, which features special content. For the tech nerds amongst us, there’s a timeline of Nikon's historical developments, detailing how they began domestic production of optical instruments in 1917, to becoming the global company we know today.  

The prologue reads: ‘"Nikon continues to] contribute to the advancement of imaging culture and sciences, as well as the development of industry, creating breakthrough technologies and products in the process."

We’re told further content will be added as the date approaches. Happy centennial, Nikon!

​[via DPReview]

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Bill Peppas's picture

Come on Nikon, D850 time!

My this comment is to thanks and appreciate Nikons for completing there 100 years of success. You can check to get great games with low rates because they have done there work so brilliantly and honestly which is a very rare thing these days.