Predictions for Professional Photography in 2022

There are lots of gear rumors and predictions that come out at the start of a year, so I thought I would chip in with my predictions for the industry as a working photographer and give my predictions as to how 2022 will likely pan out. 

The first thing you are probably thinking is "isn't this a bit late?" And you would be right to think that. I should have posted this in late December. However, this is telling of the times. January has always been somewhat sleepy in the commercial photography world. It is always a time to recover, plan, and generally take things a little bit more slowly. I had even planned a workshop and some video projects, which had to be put on hold now until August (the second slowest month of a working year). 2022, however, had something different in store for me. 14 days into January and I am already looking at my busiest month as a photographer to date! 

COVID has obviously had a huge impact on our business. With cash flow being on the forefront of most of our minds, savings seem more important than ever, and a super-stable internet connection is vital in the new age of Zoom.

In this video, I talk predominantly about the business changes, how usage and pricing are changing, and what I have started to see and expect to continue in 2022, as well as some trends with camera gear among working professional photographers. There have certainly been huge changes in both since 2021 started.

What do you expect to see change or remain the same in 2022 and going forward?  

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Food Photographer from the UK. Not at all tech savvy and knows very little about gear news and rumours.

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