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The Lighting Modifier You Didn't Know You Needed

I own a lot of modifiers. My studio contains Broncolor Hazylights, old fresnels that are as rare as hens' teeth, and softboxes of pretty much every size from under a meter to so big I can stand inside them, but this latest addition is the one that has helped me.

Gear Mistakes Beginner Photographers Always Make

The internet, as well as being a great resource for photographers, is also a black hole for our collective wallet. It seems that almost daily a new camera, lens, computer, or must-have bit of software is launched. So let's look at the biggest gear mistakes we make as beginners.

Predictions for Professional Photography in 2022

There are lots of gear rumors and predictions that come out at the start of a year, so I thought I would chip in with my predictions for the industry as a working photographer and give my predictions as to how 2022 will likely pan out.

The Worst Photography Advice I Keep Hearing

The photography profession at times can be somewhat outdated in its approach, standards, and business practices. Over the years, I continually hear certain bits of bad advice, so let's look a bit deeper into these.

How an Impulse Purchase Changed My Career

Back in 2017, my commercial work was struggling to make any impact. I got the odd big job, but mostly out of convenience rather than style — that was, until I purchased this lens.

What I Took on a 10-Day Commercial Ad Campaign

Knowing what equipment you should take on a job is always difficult, so I thought I would share with you what I ended up taking on a 10-day ad campaign, and more importantly, why.

What Is the Cheapest Camera a Pro Photographer Can Use?

Professional photography has never been more affordable to get into as a profession as it is today. Digital is now old hat, so your money goes a lot farther than it did 10 years ago. But how cheap can you really go as a commercial pro?

The Biggest Marketing Mistakes Photographers Keep Making

Why do we keep seeing photographers make the same photography marketing mistakes? In this video, I take a look at the mistakes I see photographers making time and time again and look at how to avoid such pitfalls.

When Do Pro Photographers Upgrade Their Kit?

Buying a new camera when photography is your hobby is a pretty straightforward decision. If you want it and you can afford it, go and buy it. However, once it becomes your profession, it can be a tad more complicated.

How Do You Know if Your Photography Is Any Good?

Art is subjective, but the professional world of commercial photography is far less so. With this in mind, how do you work out if your work is good enough to make it as a professional photographer or one day will be?

A Comparison of All of My Pro Lighting Modifiers

From very dated soft lighters and Broncolor Hazylights on big stands through to modern octaboxes and reflectors, in this video, I look at them all in relation to my favorite genre of photography.

How I Got a Photography Agent

If like me, you have always wanted to be a commercial photographer, then having a good agent is a really important part of this. However, there are far more photographers than there are agents, so how do you get one?

Review of the Godox AD1200 From a Professional Photographer's Point of View

I have always been a bit of a lighting snob. Camera-wise, I'm happy to go 35mm instead of medium format. For lenses, I'd use a Canon instead of a Zeiss with no concern, but when it came to lights and modifiers, I'd only use Broncolor. So I was happy to review this new (ish) light.

How to Deal With Online Image Theft

Image theft is both morally wrong and also incredibly frustrating. As a photographer, my images have been stolen so many times that it now no longer upsets nor surprises me. Until recently there wasn't a great deal I would do about it, but now I have a great system.

Why Are Pro Photographers So Secretive?

Professional photography can be a really secretive world. Finding out what your competitors charge, who they are shooting for and how they got the contacts, and the way they managed to light that epic image can be a real challenge.

Questions Photographers Won't Answer on YouTube

The internet has a wealth of information available for free, but there are some questions that photographers seem to dodge as a question. Especially the more British of those. Let's try to answer a few of these.

A Pro Photographers' Editing Set Up

Photography is as much about sitting at your desk as it is about sitting behind the camera, especially for us studio folk. I probably spend twice as much time sitting as I spend with a camera in my hand, so I have made sure my setup is spot on.

Is This the Best Beginner Studio Flash?

As a long-term pro, it has been a while since I have looked into beginner studio lighting, and boy, has it changed since I purchased my first units! In this video, I look at a great first-time studio light.