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Scott Choucino
Leicester, Leicestershire, GB

Articles written by Scott Choucino

Who Should You Contact For Commercial Work

When I started out in photography, I didn't even know that ad agencies were a thing. To be honest, I didn't know a lot at all. However, over the years I have picked up a few tricks that will hopefully help you.

Struggling To Get Commercial Clients?

It can seem like a game of who you know and chance as to if you are the photographer chosen for a job. If you find yourself frustrated that photographers more expensive than you and not as good as you are getting the gig, this could help.

Why I Only Use One Lens for My Portfolio

This is far from a "why you should do this" video, more a "why I do this." I want to talk about how I accidentally ended up shooting my whole portfolio with a single lens, even though commercially, I use many.

Is This Inspiration or Plagiarism ?

Its a real fine line between inspiration and plagiarism, but where does that line live? In this video, I look at where I feel the line should be drawn, what is acceptable, what is rude, and what is simply wrong.

The Amazon Photography Review Scam

Scams are nothing new. They come in many forms and are especially popular right now while people are vulnerable. However, this scam is something that has seemingly been going on for a very long time.

Being a Pro Photographer and a YouTuber

I had been a photographer long before I wrote for Fstoppers. After a few years writing here I decided to give YouTube a crack. What was very interesting was the response from photographers and agents to seeing me on the platform.

How and When to Charge Usage

Usage charges or license fees (depending on where you live) make up the majority of a commercial photographers income. However, most of us either don't charge it when we should or simply do not charge enough. Let's look at how we should be doing this.