Is This the Best Beginner Studio Flash?

As a long-term pro, it has been a while since I have looked into beginner studio lighting, and boy, has it changed since I purchased my first units! In this video, I look at a great first-time studio light. 

Where I live is a small place, about the size of a state over in the US, so when I discovered that there was a lighting shop just down the road from my house, I reached out to them and asked if they would send me their cheapest and most expensive light. The cheapest one comes in at about $100 and is a Pixa Pro Lumi 2 200-watt head. 

Pixa Pro is a rebranded version of Godox with a few additional products that Godox don't stock and a few that they do, but the interesting difference for me as a working pro is that they have a UK office where you can call for advice and a UK-based repair center, and as a pro, the lack of ability to repair has been one of the main reasons I have avoided such brands. This particularly interests me because they have just released a pro pack called the Pixa Pro Core 2400 Flash Power Pack.

As a pro photographer, my main interests in a light are the consistency and reliability, so I ran the light for 24 hours solid as well as taking a shot every three seconds of an ice lolly melting to make check the color and power consistency. The results were very interesting. 

Although I have no use at all for a 200-watt light in my professional work, I did use it for a single still image that went out in a recent marketing campaign I ran, so it is more than up to the challenge of creating work at a level to market to ad agencies. I think that this is a great candidate for anyone wanting a home studio or a first studio light to run from the mains. 

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I was wondering if this can be triggered with Godox remotes like the X-Pro s ?