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Are The Golden Days of Pro Photography Over?

We all hear photographers lamenting about how great things were in the film days before just anyone could easily buy a camera and take a good photo, but are the golden days of this profession really behind us?

Is This Inspiration or Plagiarism ?

Its a real fine line between inspiration and plagiarism, but where does that line live? In this video, I look at where I feel the line should be drawn, what is acceptable, what is rude, and what is simply wrong.

The Amazon Photography Review Scam

Scams are nothing new. They come in many forms and are especially popular right now while people are vulnerable. However, this scam is something that has seemingly been going on for a very long time.

Being a Pro Photographer and a YouTuber

I had been a photographer long before I wrote for Fstoppers. After a few years writing here I decided to give YouTube a crack. What was very interesting was the response from photographers and agents to seeing me on the platform.

How and When to Charge Usage

Usage charges or license fees (depending on where you live) make up the majority of a commercial photographers income. However, most of us either don't charge it when we should or simply do not charge enough. Let's look at how we should be doing this.

A Look at a Commercial Photographer's Marketing Emails

Marketing is tough. It is hard, a bit of a dark art, and also very much something that you can't learn overnight. Chances are your photography is good enough, but you are still struggling to get work.

The Problem With the Internet and Photography

The internet is a great resource. It allows us to find an answer to anything in an instance. It is rare that I can't find what I am looking for during day to day searches. However, there is a huge negative to this too.

These Mistakes Held My Career Back for Years

We all make mistakes in our journey to be professional photographers. In this video, I have put together the biggest mistakes that I made that have slowed down my career in the hope that you can avoid them

A Look at Different Types of Food Photography Backgrounds

There are loads of different options when it comes to food photography backgrounds. However, they can often come from places that you wouldn't necessarily know about. Let's have a look at the most common ones that I use in my studio.

How Much Free Kit a Small YouTube Channel Receives and the Ethics of It

I am sure you have noticed that a lot of YouTubers receive large amounts of free gear. I myself have a very small YouTube channel, and my doorbell rings most days with deliveries of free kit. Let's talk about what we get, the expectations, and the ethics of that.

What Gear Do Restaurant Photographers Need?

Getting into any genre of photography can be both daunting and expensive. Knowing what to buy, how to prioritize your spending, and in which order to procure the new camera kit can be very time-consuming. Hopefully, this will help.

What I Wish Camera Reviews Would Include

For years I have found it really hard to get into gear reviews. I simply don't care about pixel pitch, dynamic range, how many auto focus points a camera has, nor the finer part of a menu system. So what do folk like myself look for in a camera?

How I Organize My Camera Gear and Studio

It all starts off nice and simple, a couple of cameras and lenses, then things slowly get out of hand. There are thousands of small parts that make up a commercial studio, and keeping on top of it all often seems like an impossible task.