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Choosing Between a Softbox or Scrim

As photographers, we have a huge selection of modifiers at our disposal. Some of the more traditional ones such as a softbox or a scrim may seem somewhat dull, but they both offer very different and useful qualities of light when used correctly.

The Most Common Food Photography Mistakes

Food and product photography is an ever-growing niche, and with this comes trends in the pitfalls and mistakes that we all make when photographing food. In this video, I cover the most common things that trip us up.

What Makes a Good Portrait?

I stumbled across this video online a week ago and thought it more than worthy of a share. The video highlights what we get lost in as photographers and what is really important in making a great portrait.

What Do Professional Photographers Outsource?

Most photographers work alone. Being able to progress usually means letting go of control over certain aspects of our careers. In this video, I look at the key tasks that I have started to outsource over the past few years.

When and Why I Hand Over Raw Files

Handing over raw files or a full shoot seems to be a real taboo online. However, it is common practice within the commercial ranks for many reasons, some of which I will discuss here.

Here's What You Could Buy for the Price of an Canon EOS R5

There is no doubt that new Canon EOS R5 camera is an absolute machine and brilliant for content creators. However, there are a heap of other options that you could buy for the same price that would give you far more than just a body.

What Do Pro Photographers Do When Not on a Photoshoot

There are loads of videos showing cool behind the scenes clips from photoshoots and exciting trips. But what do photographers actually get up to in-between shoot days? If you are thinking of turning pro, it is worth paying attention to how most of your time will be spent.

Does Being a Pro Photographer Ruin Your Passion?

I am sure you have all seen the comments where people suggest that being a pro photographer ruins the fun of photography. I want to dig deeper into this idea. Having spent a good proportion of my working life being a hobbyist and professional, I would like to offer my insight and experiences on the subject.

When Should You Receive Payment for Your Work?

There are many stressful business decision to make in photography. One of the biggest is regarding payment. Should you be paid upfront, on the day, upon delivery, or should you invoice at 30,60, or 90 days?

How I Select my Lighting Modifier

Choosing the right lighting modifier can seem like an endlessly daunting task. In this video, I break down my thought process and show examples of how I use different modifiers for varying types of images as well as explaining the key differences in my equipment.

Who Should Pay for the Reshoot?

At some point, we all mess up a photoshoot. It is part of being a photographer. However, when money comes into play, it can really complicate things. This is how I feel we should deal with the cost of reshoots in various situations.

Why I Won't Ever Price-Match

In this video, I talk about my rejection rate for jobs and my ethos on pricing and price matching. I also go over a real-life quote that I sent off and got rejected for and give a breakdown as to why this happened.

How to Use Instagram to Get Commercial Work

There are loads of articles and videos about how to grow your Instagram following, but that doesn't directly correlate to getting more work. In this video, I go over how I use Instagram to get booked for ad campaigns.

How to Get Noticed as a Photographer in 2020

Getting noticed as a photographer in 2020 can seem like an impossible task with all of the millions of images being uploaded daily, but here are some proven tips that will work.

6 Business Mistakes Photographers Always Make

The photography business can be tricky to get a hold on, and as a group we all seem to make the same mistakes over and over, hopefully this video can help you avoid them.

Photo Usage and License Fees Explained

The majority of a commercial photographer's income does not come from their day rate, but from their license fee and usage. Let's explore this.

How to Build a Commercial Portfolio

Commercial photography is notoriously hard to get into. In this video, I go over my complete workflow for shooting commercially viable portfolios from inception, through the shooting process, and into post-production.

Do You Need a Studio?

In this video I look at if you need a studio to be a professional studio. From a traditional shooting studio through to a place for meetings and post production. I discuss different photographers requirements for a working space.