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How Photography Prices Will Change After Lockdown

With the high probability of a large recession following a worldwide lockdown, every industry in under threat. Here is how I think photography prices will change in each niche as well as how I am adapting my work.

What to Upgrade First; Light, Modifier, Camera, or Lens

Knowing what will have the biggest impact on your image quality is hard, as it varies so much from genre to genre. For still life and food photography, this is the order of importance I have come up with.

How to Edit Food Photographs

There are loads of tutorials out there for editing portrait photography, so I thought I would put together a reasonably comprehensive yet short guide to editing food photographs.

Questions Photographers Should Stop Asking

The internet and forums have been around for long enough now that we have heard most questions regarding photography. Although repetition isn't the end of the world, we really need to stop asking these questions.

$20 DIY Paper Seamless Roll Storage System

Storing seamless paper rolls in your home or studio is always a bit of a task, especially once the collection has grown over the years. Although there are off-the-shelf options, I found that this simple $20 build does a great job.

4 Things I Do at the End of Every Photoshoot

At the end of a hard days shooting, it is easy to make mistakes, which is why I have this four part check list that I follow obsessively to make sure that I have everything I need before calling a wrap on the day.

How I Fix Underexposed Images

We have all done it. It doesn't matter how long you have been a photographer; at some point, you will take the perfect shot, but the flash will not fire, you will have slipped and moved the shutter speed, or any manner of blunders. Here is how I fix them.

Who Should Calibrate Their Monitors?

As a commercial photographer who shoots predominantly for print, I need a very well-calibrated monitor and camera profile, but does anyone else need this?

The Dangers of Hustle Culture in Photography

Self improvement, hustle, and gurus have been around for some time now. However, until recently, they hadn't fully infiltrated the photography industry, but that seems to have now changed.

How to Price Local Commercial Photography

In this video, I go over how I price local and small commercial photography jobs. The video covers day rates, license fees, and how they differ from bigger jobs.

A Tour of a Commercial Photography Studio

In this video I show you around my commercial food photography studio. This is very much a place to create and steps away somewhat from the pristine white, minimalist set up to complete and utter (organized) chaos.

Why Now Is the Best Time to Go Pro

The world has never been more uncertain in our lifetimes. However, now is a perfect time to start up as a professional photographer. And as a pro who started in the last recession, let me explain why.

5 Pro Photographer Hacks

There are many cool little tricks of the trade in photography, This video looks at some extremely useful and perhaps lesser-known photography hacks that pro photographers use.

How to Price Restaurant Food Photography

Pricing restaurant photography is something most food photographers will struggle with at the start. In this video I discuss how much you can charge as well as some of the negotiation pit falls to avoid.

How to Price Food Photography Campaigns

Working out how to price high end commercial food photography campaigns is incredibly hard, especially with no information online available. In this video I go over exactly how I go about pricing my larger shoots and everything that goes into creating the quote.

How to Select the Right Portfolio Images

Creating a portfolio is more than simply selecting pretty images. In this video, I go over three photographers' work who are at different levels and explain how they should build their portfolio and what they need to do to move up to the next level.

Food Photography Kit for Under $1,250

Photography gear is expensive. However, thanks to the used market and how good cameras have been for the past decade, for under $1,250, you can buy a really solid food photography camera setup.

A Long-Term Review of the Ben Q Screen Bar E-Reading Lamp

I am often wrong, and my initial impression of this rather cool looking light was no exception. I couldn't for the life of me work out why you would spend so much money on a USB lamp. A few weeks later, all became clear.