4 Things I Do at the End of Every Photoshoot

At the end of a hard days shooting, it is easy to make mistakes, which is why I have this four part check list that I follow obsessively to make sure that I have everything I need before calling a wrap on the day.

If a mistake is going to be made during a shoot, you can be pretty sure that it will happen at the end of the day. Fatigue, stress, and the thought of a nice cold beer can make you become sloppy and forget to do basic things. I have also been on shoots that have hit hour 18 due to client issues, and I can promise you that my brain is far from clear by this point. 

The four tips in this video are pretty much universal and allow for you to firstly know that you have all of the information that you require for post production and delivery, but also allow for any re shoots or shooting of additional assets to be made both accurately and with little effort for both the capture and post production.

In the digital world, it is becoming increasingly common for brands to change their mind post shoot, or for collaborations for brands to fall apart or be built post shoot. Being able to facilitate this is a core expectation from ad agencies to the photographer and several of these tips will cover you for when this inevitably crops up.  

What are your go to things that you do before calling a wrap on the day?

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Deleted Account's picture

Excellent comprehensive advice. From my experience, things definitely do go wrong later in the day. Minimizing the effort to make things right after an error may be the difference between success and failure. Thanks.

Scott Choucino's picture

Thanks. Yeah I rarely make mistakes in the morning

Cornelius Mouzenidis's picture

Same with me. Morning hours are the hours of most productive working and by the end of the day I can barely stay on track. Morning person.

Scott Choucino's picture

I wish I was still in my 20s because it was far easier

Stefan Gonzalevski's picture

Great, as usual ! As, I'm lazy, I don't write the light diagram, but I shoot with my phone the set under different angles, and the different screens (camera, flashes, controllers,...)

Phil Wrighton's picture

great video, always use my x-rite passport and i take photos (then write settings) and videos on my phone of my setups which go with each project. saves so much time when i have to add in/replace a mini figure! :)

Vinoth VC's picture

Hi Scott,
This well-needed advice for all photographers out there.Thank you so much for this article. I'm going to (https://www.visionclicks.in/about-us) rent a camera and start a photoshoot ASAP!
Keep sharing similar interesting articles.