$20 DIY Paper Seamless Roll Storage System

Storing seamless paper rolls in your home or studio is always a bit of a task, especially once the collection has grown over the years. Although there are off-the-shelf options, I found that this simple $20 build does a great job.

Before giving away a load of unwanted rolls, I had about 35 of them precariously leaning in the corner of my studio. It drove me mad for years. I looked at what the market had to offer in terms of storage, but none of it was right for my workspace. In the end, I decided to give it a go myself. I reached out to everyone on my Instagram and had a few great options sent my way. 

I should preface this with the fact that my DIY skills are really poor. And I managed just fine. All you need are some 4-inch (100 mm) pieces of pipe, some 2x4" wood at the length you require, screws, and an electric screwdriver. The build doesn't have to be especially neat, as shown in the video, as it seems to look fine regardless. I carefully measured out one side and did the other side with guesswork, and they look identical. 

For me, it has given me a feature piece that I think looks nice in my studio, as a YouTube background, and a new safer way to store my paper rolls. 

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Peter House's picture

I've used this exact setup in my studio for years. Also, if you get some flat endcaps and drill them into the wall, then snap some 45 degree elbows into the endcaps, they make great hooks for hanging modifiers on the wall by their speedring. Super clean and easy setup.

Scott Choucino's picture

Oh cool. I have been using coat hooks for mine. Seems to work pretty well for something so simple.