A Tour of a Commercial Photography Studio

In this video I show you around my commercial food photography studio. This is very much a place to create and steps away somewhat from the pristine white, minimalist set up to complete and utter (organized) chaos.

Having a space to call your own and to work from is really important as a photographer, and more important is having somewhere to throw all of those massive and heavy bits of gear. For years I looked through Pinterest at these huge empty white spaces with beautiful set ups. I often rent them too for big jobs. However, for my dat to day creativity, those spaces really just didn't work for me. Instead I opted for a more functional look where everything was out and ready to go, all of the gear was visible and the space was begging to have mess made in it. I am often cutting wood, throwing paint around, and certainly getting food everywhere. 

Although this sort of space wont be for every photographer, I think it is important to have something that reflects your work, your way of working, and you personality. In this studio tour I show you around my office, prop storage, kitchen, shooting area, and workbench. All of which were custom built by myself to facilitate my work. 

Pop a picture of your studio or home work space below. 

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Johnny Rico's picture

Is it worth getting a lantern modifier, or a globe for stills? (how do you use it or why would you use it over a large pan head)

Scott Choucino's picture

If you mean the one in the ceiling, then they are a complete waste haha. I’ve never used it. Someone sent it to me for free.

Johnny Rico's picture

I've always wanted one, and every time i look into them i read the same thing, pointless ha

Deleted Account's picture

As far as studio shooting goes, I could see maybe using it in a shoot where you have people sitting around a table or something, but that's about it. Seems like a pretty niche modifier.. I do use one for real estate from time to time, but even its usefulness there is questionable as most people just bounce off ceiling, walls, reflectors, or use umbrellas.