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What Is the Highest Usable ISO?

ISO and digital noise are often a cause for concern with photographers. In this video, I look at how much noise is acceptable in an image and how that varies depending on the application of the photograph.

How Much I Charge for My Photography

This is a bit of a taboo subject among photographers, but in this video, I look back at my work and how much I charged and what validated that rate at any given point in my career through to today.

Internet Photographers Versus Professional Photographers

I have been sent a lot of messages and seen a lot of comments on this topic over the last year, and it is something I have shied away from tackling, but in this article I am going to delve into the taboo debate around internet photographers versus professional photographers.

Why Photographers Hate My Images: Part Two

I recently published an article about why photographers hate my images here, and I think I may have missed a few points, as well as feeling the need to cover more about why most photographers don't understand person work.

The Differences Between Pro and Amateur Cameras

Photography is one of the few professions where the amateurs can have the same equipment as the professionals. If you have the desire and/or money, then you can shoot on the same rig that the great names in photography use. But there are a few differences.

How to Correctly Find Commercial Clients and Contact Them

Finding commercial clients is a minefield. Working out which agencies to contact, who to contact within the agency, and as importantly, how to do so and what on earth you should say can all be a nightmare. In this video, I cover all of this and more.

Why Photographers Hate My Images

I recently shot a new portfolio and every photographer I have shown it to thinks it is rubbish. But every art director, buyer, agent, and creative director loves it. Let's look into why this is.

5 Tips for Photography Websites

In this video, I look at some of the dos and don'ts of photography websites. Although there are many ways to skin a cat, there are some things that are real turn-offs for potential photography clients. Here are my top five tips.

How to Choose Your Photography Business Name

We all have a bit of time on our hands right now, and if you want to set up a photography business or perhaps reassess your current position, this is a great time to do it and this video offers advice on how to name your business and work out who it is that you are.

Weather Sealing Review and How to Photograph a Cycling Race

Weather sealing has been an anxiety of mine over the years (before I became a studio bunny) and I was never sure how far I could push it. A few weeks ago I decided to find out by shooting in the rain for two hours.

6 Pieces of Equipment That Really Improved my Images

I know I harp on about gear not mattering. Nevertheless, there are individual purchases that I have made over the years that have had a real impact on my work. Having been a commercial photographer for some time, I thought I'd share my opinion on this.

Does Having a Part-Time Job Stop You From Being a Pro?

Professional photography is a pretty exclusive club in someways. It is a dream job that many of us are protective of and online this can be seen by those defining what makes you a professional photographer.

6 Brutal Business Lessons the Coronavirus Has Taught Us

The coronavirus has affected most of the world. In the UK, freelancers have been hit hard with no financial help until June at the earliest. Here are some brutal business lessons that we are all going to have to swallow.

How to Choose the Right Lights for Your Photography

Photography equipment can be pretty daunting at times, especially with such variety and costs attached to it, but out of all of the gear, lighting is perhaps the most confusing area to buy into.

Review of the Phottix Juno Speedlight

In this video I review the Phottix Juno Speedlight that is compatible with all camera hot shoes. This fully manual flash offers great features at an amazing price point.

Tips for Shooting on Location

In this video, I go behind the scenes on a shoot, showing how I travel with camera gear before heading back to the studio to go over some pro tips for traveling and shooting on location.

5 Time-Saving Tips for Photographers

Photography can be very time-consuming. Over the years, I have picked up a few workarounds, so hopefully ,you can avoid the hours and days that I have pilfered away. These are my five time-saving tips.

I Stopped Insuring My Cameras

I read articles on here all the time about wedding photographers losing all of their gear while traveling, break-ins at studios, and general destruction of camera gear. In spite of all of this, I decided to cancel my equipment insurance.