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Block Working for Photographers

If you haven't already heard, block working is certainly the trendy way of getting things done at the moment. I recently applied it to my working week and it has pretty much freed up one entire day most weeks.

My Most Used Studio Photography Kit

For most studio owners, outbuildings end up full of all sorts of junk, but there will be those key bits of kit that are just used day in and day out, and it's probably where you really want to invest your money.

How to Create Perfect Panoramas With Tilt-Shift lenses

Creating panoramic photographs is nothing new; most of us have either had a crack with a camera or maybe even with a phone app/camera. A lot of my work involves creating panoramic/stitched-together photographs with a tilt-shift lens, which in my opinion is the best way to do so.

How I Edit My Food Photographs

Each niche in photography has its own requirements when it comes to post-production. In this video, I go over my process for editing images in Adobe Lightroom.

How to Find Your Photography Niche

In my opinion, if you really want to progress the level of your photography or your photography business, then finding a niche is vital. In this video, I go over some key steps to finding your niche.

Six Misconceptions About Pro Photographers

I am sure you have all seen the "secrets about photographers" videos doing the rounds recently. As a full-time photographer, I find this really hard to relate to. I have yet to find something which depicts my working life at all.

Crop Versus Full Frame: Can You Tell the Difference?

In more recent years, with a huge price drop in medium format and increase in quality of micro four thirds, can you tell the difference between a crop sensor and a full frame camera?

Struggling to Break into Professional Photography?

Being a professional photographer is becoming more and more of a sought-after career. If you are struggling to make the jump, here are some pointers that might help you out.

My Tether Trolley Set Up

If you are an avid instagram user, you have probably noticed that almost all professionals tether their cameras with bright orange cables to a computer, there is a lot of kit involved in this and finding all the parts can be tricky when you don't know what you are looking for.

Comparing 17 Lighting Modifiers

In this video, I look at the difference between 17 of the modifiers in my studio. With such a huge selection of modifiers out there, it is often hard to work out what you need. Hopefully, this video helps.

How to Price Your Work and Charge Usage

Pricing your work is an incredibly tricky game. In this video, I go over how I price my work, how I progressed to that point as well as the calculator that I use to work out my usage license fees.

Photography Workflow and Backup System

Finding a good and yet affordable workflow and backup system is a tough task for most of us. Being not overly technical, it took me a decade to get to a point where my images felt safe.

A Comparison of Lighting Modifiers

There seems to be a new modifier coming out of China every other week; in this video, I go over the key lighting modifiers I use as a food photographer.

What's in a Food Stylists Bag

Making food look amazing on set is as much the job of the food stylist as it is the photographer and retouchers. Here are the tools that a food stylists uses to get the job done.

Beginners Guide to Buying Off Camera Flash

Getting into off camera flash can be daunting. This video covers a great and cost effective way to get your first set up without having the fear of buying the wrong equipment.

The Best Lens for Food Photography

Choosing the right lens for any genre of photographer is a minefield and getting into food photography is no exception.