Beginners Guide to Buying Off Camera Flash

Getting into off camera flash can be daunting. This video covers a great and cost effective way to get your first set up without having the fear of buying the wrong equipment. 

Going over the changes from the early days of off camera flash being popular where photographers had to spend hundred and hundreds of dollars for a set up to todays far more thrifty options thanks to Chinese cost effective brands giving nearly the same offerings as the main manufacturers. 

Although, as with all purchases, there are some clear trade offs when it comes to buying cheap flash guns. Color and power consistency can be a bit hit and miss. There is also the issue of build quality and quality assurances from the factory. I have personally purchased 10 cheap speed lights in recent years and out of those 2 didn't work at all. But at a tenth of the price and with companies like Amazon offering such great return services, this is worth the hassle. 

The image above was taken as part of a 100 portrait project with a cheap third party brand speed light, trigger, and soft box set up that is very similar to that described in the video. Over the course of the day the flash performed perfectly and the consistency of power and color out put was extremely good. 

What has your experience been with getting into off camera flash?

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How long did you use it?
How long will it last?

In the past they have lasted from anywhere from 5 + years to a month, but when I was using flash I might have been doing 10,000 full power flashes a month and in a pretty intense way. Id usually shoot until they over heated and then replace with a cool unit until it recovers.