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Articles written by Scott Choucino

The Truth About Food Styling Hack Videos

Every now and then a video seems to explode over YouTube. More recently this has been the food styling hacks tutorials. Here are some myth busting facts.

A Week as a Professional Photographer

Before I became a photographer, I had ideas as to what the career might be like, boy was I wrong. Here is what a week as a professional photographer looks like.

Clients' Reactions to My Prices

Sending a photography quote out is always a stressful moment, especially if it is for a job you really want. Here are a few memorable reactions from potential clients.

Why I Share Trade Secrets on Instagram

Photography is a very secretive industry at times, but a few years ago I decided to share everything and answer any questions via instagram.

Being a Photographer in Your 30s

I am now well into my 30s, having started my photography career in my early twenties, here are a few gems that you have to look forward to.

How I Built My Photography Studio

Being a professional photographer in the UK pretty much means having a studio. We are not blessed with good weather, so I decided to set up a studio early on in my career.

How Photographers Are Price Cutting You

I write a lot of articles about photographers not price cutting you, so I am going to try and approach this from the opposite direction. Here is how photographers are price cutting you.

What Equipment Do Commercial Photographers Use?

Making the move to being pro is fraught with the anxieties of not having the right equipment. So what equipment do commercial photographers use? Being a commercial photographer is pretty much as vague a job description as being an administrative assistant.