Review of the Phottix Juno Speedlight

In this video I review the Phottix Juno Speedlight that is compatible with all camera hot shoes. This fully manual flash offers great features at an amazing price point.

This video looks at the build quality, specifications, and the usability in comparison to other offerings in the photography industry. I tested the flash in my studio using nothing more than a roll of tracing paper as a modifier. It also compares the flash to the offerings that were available when I first started out in photography showing how far the technology has moved on.

Off camera flash can be daunting to get into. With all of the spec sheets, numbers and compatibility issues, but I feel that this speedlight from Phottix offers a great entry point purchase option. The video goes on to compare the speed light to Canons own brand offerings where I focus on build quality and durability of the equipment. I also touch on how important being able to get services and repairs are on photography systems. I feel that for under $100 that you would be hard pushed to find anything else with both the specification, options for service and repair, as well as the build quality. 

Although I am by no means a portrait photographer, the test shot below I believe shows the capabilities of this camera. As a professional food photographer, I would find that the specifications as well as the accessories that are available would make this a great product for getting into off camera flash. However, you may want to spring for the TTL version if you are a wedding or events photographer. 

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Food Photographer from the UK. Not at all tech savvy and knows very little about gear news and rumours.

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Hi Scott,

Nice review and I love to see someone talk about Phottix as it seems everyone is only talking about Godox these days.

I would like to address a few things that were a bit vague or wrong in what you said, though.

Phottix currently makes 3 versions of their Juno line of speedlights :

Phottix Juno : the one you're talking about here. No HSS, no TTL, manual only. Works with AA batteries and can be triggered with Ares 2 trigger. Really cheap at 99$ USD. Single pin, so should work with any system.

Phottix Juno TTL : HSS, TTL and manual mode included. Works with AA batteries and can be triggered via Phottix Odin 2, Phottix Strato 2, Phottix Ares 2 or Elinchrom Skyport. Really cheap for what it is at around 180$ USD for one unit. Also note that only a Canon version is the only one currently available so it's only with Canon that you can put it directly on the hotshoe and have access to all the features. You can use it off camera with any other system, though, as it is build with Odin Z firmware that's cross compatible between all brands remotely. Also note that this is the only Phottix Juno unit that can be triggered remotely with Elinchrom Skyport, but the system will only be triggering, no remote light power management using it like this. Unit won't show up on the screen of the Elinchrom Transmitter Pro either and will only work in manual mode. For the best options with this light, you need to use Phottix Odin 2 updated to Odin Z firmware.

Phottix Juno Li60 : HSS possible if off camera with Odin 2, TTL not possible. Works with a lithium ion battery instead of AA batteries. Kind of a cross between the Juno and Juno TTL with the advantage of the proprietary battery. This is also a single pin speedlight that should work with any system on manual mode. Can be triggered via Phottix Odin 2, Strato 2 and Ares 2, but remote power control is limited to Odin 2 transmitter. No Skyport triggering on that one. You also need Odin 2 transmitter for the off camera HSS to function. One weird thing about that one is that additional li-on batteries don't seem to be sold separately at this point in time, which is pretty weird. It goes for around 190$ USD which is also quite cheap for what it is.

You talked about compatibility with Elinchrom, but didn't define what kind of compatibility there is. If you were talking about Skyport triggering, please note that only the Juno TTL will do that and not the unit you are reviewing.

In fact, to date, only 2 items from the 2 manufacturers are really cross compatible when talking about the radio communication systems : Phottix Juno TTL that can be triggered by Skyport and Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL that act exactly like a Phottix flash unit and can be triggered/remotely adjusted (power/modeling light/HSS/TTL) with Phottix Odin 2.

Just to clarify, none of this content is sponsored.