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Things You Only Find in Pro Photographers' Studios

Photography, as a hobby and profession, comes with a lot of gear. There are the obvious cameras, lenses, and lights that we all own, but then we start to delve into the oddities of the art form. Throw in a bunch of eccentric professionals, and you can expect to find all sorts of stuff in their studios.

What Camera Gear Makes Me the Most Money

As a working professional commercial photographer, the return on investment (ROI) of your equipment is very important. Or at least it should be. In this video, I look at what actually makes me money.

The Best Professional Photography Investments

As a professional commercial photographer, most of my purchases are made as investments. Sadly, not all of them have been, but the general ethos is that I have to invest in my photography to stay relevant in my career choice.

How To Build a Charging Trolley

I am sure you have all seen the many different charging walls that you can build. I had one myself, but having my chargers in a static location no longer worked for me, so I built a charging station on a trolley.

5 Things You Should Do to Sign With a Photo Agent

For many of us photographers in the commercial world, the key to getting good jobs for exciting campaigns is having the right agent by your side. However, finding the right agent and with space on their books for you can be incredibly hard to do.

The Best 35mm Digital Camera for Commercial Photography

With the recent trends in mirrorless cameras, and the price of medium format coming down to a point where they are actually financially viable for most of us, does the 35mm camera still reign over digital cameras for the best bang for the buck, and if so, which one wins the race?

What Is The Real Difference Between Budget and Premium Lights?

One of the greatest things to happen in recent years for photography is the huge increase in incredibly well-designed budget lighting systems. Although most of them come from the same factories as the premium brands, offer similar specs on paper, and often have alarmingly similar looks, what is the real difference?

What Is It Like Being a Commercial Food Photographer?

Until 10 years ago, I didn’t know that being a professional food photographer was even a thing. I don’t come from a creative background, so if you had asked me what I thought they did, I would have been very far from the truth. Hopefully, I can shed some light.

Who Should You Contact For Commercial Work

When I started out in photography, I didn't even know that ad agencies were a thing. To be honest, I didn't know a lot at all. However, over the years I have picked up a few tricks that will hopefully help you.

Most Photography Pricing Advice Is Wrong

If like me, you were told to work out your overheads, how many days a year you plan to work, and calculate your fees from this, you have also been pricing your photography work incorrectly.

Is Living In a Big City Important for Pro Photographers

In the past, location has been everything for commercial photographers. However, times are changing, and it isn't an option for all of us to up sticks and move to NY. So what do we do if we find ourselves living in a small city?

Struggling To Get Commercial Clients?

It can seem like a game of who you know and chance as to if you are the photographer chosen for a job. If you find yourself frustrated that photographers more expensive than you and not as good as you are getting the gig, this could help.

Why I Only Use One Lens for My Portfolio

This is far from a "why you should do this" video, more a "why I do this." I want to talk about how I accidentally ended up shooting my whole portfolio with a single lens, even though commercially, I use many.

4 Modifiers I Use as a Pro for Under $100

Photography is expensive, and often, you get what you pay for. However, there are some great modifiers for your lights to be had for under $100.

How to Make Fake Ice for Food Photos

There are so many trade secrets in photography, but when I moved into food and drink, I found it almost impossible to get any real info on how to do anything of use.

A Behind the Scenes Look at a Professional's Editing Setup

In this video I walk through my office desk set up at my studio and go through in detail what I use, and why I use it. Considering I spend more time here than anywhere else, I thought it wise to spend a bit more time and money on it.

A Long-Term Review of the Canon EOS 5DS R

A few years back I wrote a lifetime review on the Canon EOS 5D II. Since then I upgraded to the Canon EOS 5ds and 5DS R cameras, 5 years down the line I thought it apt to have a detailed look at them.

A Walk Around a Commercial Photographer's Studio

Photography studios come in many shapes and sizes, from family portrait studios on the high street to elaborate YouTuber sets. In this article, I walk you around my studio and explain why I have the layout and kit that I do for my work.

When You Should Quit Photography

Photography is a tough profession, but a very enjoyable hobby. Not everyone is meant to be a professional photographer, though.