4 Modifiers I Use as a Pro for Under $100

Photography is expensive, and often, you get what you pay for. However, there are some great modifiers for your lights to be had for under $100.

In my opinion, good modifiers are totally worth the money and not something you should skimp on. A great parabolic costing over $1,000 always outperforms a cheap one. However, having $1,000 kicking about to spend on one isn't always an option. Though not every modifier has to cost the Earth to be great. Much like a 50mm lens being easy to build and therefore more affordable than other focal lengths, there are certain modifiers where you can buy the absolute best, but still be a little more friendly on your wallet. 

In this video, I talk about four modifiers that I use on almost all of my shoots for clients that are both amazing but also totally affordable, from specific reflectors right through to fingers and dabbers. I then go on to discussing when you should and should not buy modifiers used, as not all lighting modifiers age well, but some will last a lifetime of abuse. 

What are your favorite affordable modifiers Is there anything you regret going cheap on? For me, it would be an octabox that I purchased a few years ago that ended up being given away after the first use. 

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Luckily I have 3 (maybe 4?) reflectors from my grandpa I got for $0. What type of bulbs do you put in them?

Each? ;)

Top of my list of <$100 mods are Paul C Buff's PLM parabolic umbrellas. Next is the Westcott Collapsing 42" white umbrella with black backing. Both cheap, excellent, durable and versatile.

Can you please give me the Rosco # for the roll of Scrim you mentioned... ?