A Behind the Scenes Look at a Professional's Editing Setup

In this video I walk through my office desk set up at my studio and go through in detail what I use, and why I use it. Considering I spend more time here than anywhere else, I thought it wise to spend a bit more time and money on it.

Despite being a professional photographer, some weeks it would seem more suitable to call me an admin assistant, procurement officer, marketing team, or more often than not, email responder (although not a very good one).

Most of my work is finished by a professional retoucher or production house, but it is important for me to have a well-calibrated monitor for viewing on, an ok computer for managing large Phase IQ files through to my day to day 50 megapixel files, as well as ample storage as some of the projects I work on can easily fill my scratch disk.

Over the festive period whilst the UK was in a deep lockdown for Covid, I decided to fully redesign and decorate my studio, but for the first time ever, I put a lot of time and money into my office space too. The effect of this has been dramatic. As I am often there until 11 pm at night, the aesthetic changes alone have made me far more productive. It is also really important for me to have as efficient a workspace as possible. Between photography, YouTube, the current UK homeschooling situation, and actually getting test shoots done, I need to have everything in an arms reach.

How do you go about setting up your working space?

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