A Walk Around a Commercial Photographer's Studio

Photography studios come in many shapes and sizes, from family portrait studios on the high street to elaborate YouTuber sets. In this article, I walk you around my studio and explain why I have the layout and kit that I do for my work.

Photographer, as a professional title, is about as vague as can be. Even within my own genre of photography, the way I work differs wildly from other professionals, as do their methods from one another. It is part of the brilliance of our profession. 

I have had a studio for about seven years now, The first was a box room in a basement with no internet. Then, I had a floor above a bar, which had a beautiful floor, but low ceilings and stair access, and now, I am in a ground floor warehouse with two loading bays, huge ceiling height, and rather poor insulation. In this video I walk you around my warehouse studio that is built perfectly for exactly what I do for my profession. So, although this probably won't be the right studio for you, it will hopefully show you a rationale as to how to build you own space out. 

Although it may look somewhat chaotic in there, I do have my own brand of organization to try to keep me sane. How do you go about organizing your gear and workspace? 

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Food Photographer from the UK. Not at all tech savvy and knows very little about gear news and rumours.

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