Protect Your Photography Business

In the midst of cancel culture, it's easy to make a misstep as a photographer. Sometimes, a seemingly harmless act could tarnish your reputation. I created this video because following these actions helped me, and I hope that it also serves you. 

List Your Crew

The model needs to know who exactly will attend their photoshoot and they need advanc notice to vet everyone. Do not make this photography mistake! It’s a crazy world, so give them the opportunity to feel welcome and safe. The call sheet should come with everyone's phone number. The call sheet should also come with exact addresses that you plan on using. People should know where they'll be and with whom.

24-Hour Warning

Call sheets (see above) should come 24 hours before the photo shoot. People need time to process and gather their thoughts. If, for any reason, the talent needs an extra moment to say “I am not comfortable with this," let's give them that moment and make a chang. We owe them that, because they are human, and we must take control of our sets. It's our name at the end of the day! Do everything you can to make sure the talent on your set feel safe and in control.

Models and Talent Don't Like Surprises

Surprises are great, like surprising everyone on set with cupcakes! Surprising talent with an entirely new concept is not professional and can really set someone back. Major creative changes should be specified with a general shot list. For example, a photographer asking the model to pose in their undergarments without them knowing ahead of time is terrible! That’s a major change that should be presented in advance, and it allows the model to reject or approve this. 

Questionable Photographs

If you have a photograph that you love but the pose is questionable, perhaps a bit on the sexier side, ask the model for their consent. Simply said, here is why: it’s their body, and you’re putting it center stage for all to view. Ask for permission, please. The other part is that we generally value youthful looks, especially in America. We’re in a very ageist part of the world, and that means many of the models you photograph are younger. That’s someone’s child. Please keep that in mind when you post.

The video adds a few other helpful points that help my business. I hope these tips serve your business and your success. Let's make sure we look out for each other, our own success, and those guests on our sets. 

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Mike Ditz's picture

I would try to get the call sheet out earlier than 24 hours if possible.
If the model calls you and says someone on the crew is a creeper you may need time to investigate or find a new crew person.
OTOH if a crew person sees the models name and has worked with them in the past and they were a "problem" would you consider replacing the model?

Walid Azami's picture

I agree Mike. 24 Hours minimum but obviously the more time the better!