Shutterstock Announces Creative Trends of 2017

Shutterstock Announces Creative Trends of 2017

As a photographer or videographer, keeping up with creative trends in the industry is an important part of continuing to build business. Shutterstock just released their creative trends report for the upcoming year, and it's chock-full of useful information.

Derived by analyzing searches and downloads and consulting with experts, the report gives great insight into not only the directions in which various creative industries are moving, but also in identifying patterns in the culture of consumption. Some of the most salient points include:

  • Nostalgia saw a 213-percent increase in the past year, with vintage concepts, techniques, and aesthetics seeing a major resurgence in popular realms.
  • Reflection saw a 140-percent increase, as the breakneck pace of the modern world has created a counterculture of relaxation and appreciation.
  • The main design trends are nature and technology, indicating a divergence of culture and the possibility of interesting work at the border of their confluence.
  • Wanderlust is a leading thematic trend in film.
  • Muted color palettes are high in popularity.
  • The continued emergence of technology that transforms our daily lives is a leading interest.

The report is an interesting read and provides a great snapshot of our industry at large. You can view the full version here.

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Haha... I'm surprised "The Glitch" had an increase (albeit a modest one) of 32 percent. I remember 2advanced using it so effectively and later seeing it on so many sites, and of course The Matrix's own phenomenal use of it...