Some Quick Thoughts on Business Maintenance

Some Quick Thoughts on Business Maintenance

Today I want to talk about business maintenance and some of the less fun aspects of your business but important nonetheless. New Year's is a great time to go through and look at all your channels, social media, website, etc and see if there's anything that needs cleaning up or adjusting.

One of the most common things I see is related to promotions, let's say that you regularly charge $150 for a headshot and you ran a promo for $100 headshots for specific time. What I find often is that folks will leave the old promo up on Facebook or if it was an Instagram post past the date of the promo, this is quite harmful to future business because now you are asking someone to pay $150 when they can look right on your social media and see that you were just charging $100, and that leaves a bad taste in their mouth even though we all understand that promos end. They feel like they have missed out, and every business mentor will tell you that you want your customer to feel special and not missed out.

I believe the beginning of the year is a great time to go through all of your channels and look through them as a customer would and just see what you see, make sure everything makes sense. Take off any old work that doesn't represent your current style, remove old promotions and other things like that.

We all get so caught up in our work that it is easy to forget to go do some general cleanup and maintenance such as that, at least I know I do. Many business blunders have been made accidentally via something the business owner had no idea was out there.

So take a few minutes and go over your stuff, you may make more money for your time spent.

What ideas do you have for business maintenance? How often do you view all your channels as a customer would and check for oversights or things that need adjusting?

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