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Articles written by Bill Larkin

My Favorite Way to Watch Fstoppers Tutorials and Other Content

We are all addicted to tutorials; at least, I know I am. I'm also addicted to food, so I need to double up my free time. My goal was to come up with an easy way to watch all the tutorials on my iPad. Sure, you could copy the tutorial files onto your iPad, but if you are like me and have a lot more content than would fit on the iPad and don't want to keep putting on and taking it off, there is a better way!

The End of Medium Format’s Reign: My Journey With Phase One

For many years the real king of detail, sharpness, color, and DOF has been a 16-bit medium format system, such as Phase One. The larger the film (or sensor) the better the quality has been. Naturally, with my quest for maximum quality in every way, the path led me to medium format. Along with an obsession to be like Joey L for a longer period of time than I care to admit, it only seemed like the next step was to make the switch to medium format.

Syrp Preorder for Genie II Now Available

Syrp's original Genie was an amazing success, built from an overwhelmingly popular Kickstarter campaign and exceeding its goal multiple times over in just five days. Today, building on that success and implementing some incredible new features, filmmakers can be delighted that the Genie II is in production and preorders are open now.