Adobe Releases Premiere Pro 13

Adobe Releases Premiere Pro 13

For many years, Premiere Pro has been the select video editor of choice as it integrates obviously very well with the entire Creative Suite. We'll go over some of the new features here.

As with most new releases, there has been some time put into performance, which is usually seen as a lackluster feature to some, but I find it important; every millisecond of improved workflow is welcome to me. Premiere Pro 13 is no exception, as Adobe is touting boosted performance.

New Features in Premiere Pro 13

Right off the bat, the number one thing that really excites me is selective color grading. I am obsessed with color as a mood-building and storytelling tool, and every enhancement in that realm is always welcomed. It appears to have some of the color ability of my favorite grading tool, 3DLutCreator, such as hue versus sat, hue versus hue, hue versus luma, etc. This is exciting news for sure.

Other New Features

  • Color management for displays
  • Intelligent audio cleanup (another very welcomed tool, possibly reducing round trips to Audition CC)
  • Open Premiere Rush projects in Premiere Pro (more on Premiere Rush below)
  • Edit and transform for vector graphics
  • VR enhancements
  • Collaboration enhancements
  • Auto-save improvements

And many more features and bug fixes.

New Program

Premiere Rush CC was also released today, and it's packing quite a punch. Premiere Rush CC is a cross-device video app that lets you capture, edit, and share content from mobile devices, laptops, desktops, etc.

To further enhance the actual practicality of using such an app, you can open native Rush projects right in Premiere Pro for continued editing and additional power.

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