Wacom and Photoshop Issues With Latest Update

Wacom and Photoshop Issues With Latest Update

Whenever updating software, it is wise to be careful and make sure everything works as expected. Updating Photoshop had recently caused me a pretty serious issue that reminds us of how much our workflow can be affected by something as simple as a software update.

I had updated to Photoshop CC 2019 and right away I noticed that my Wacom settings didn't work, because I had an application specific preference set within the Wacom tablet properties which was set for Photoshop CC 2018. Primarily the lower button on the stylus was set to keyboard "alt" plus mouse "right click" so that I could easily change brush size and hardness without having to resort to the bracket keys which is much slower. I assumed this would be no big deal and just created a profile for CC 2019, but to my surprise it did not work.

I remembered that there was a problem before with Windows Ink and Wacom which required a preferences filed to be created in the form of a text file, and I had done that with the prior version so I created a new one for Photoshop CC 2019.

The text file should be named PSUserConfig.txt and it goes in:

C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2019\Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Settings\

The content should be the following:

User config file contents

This is the reported correct fix for this issue in prior versions, as well as disabling Windows Ink in the Wacom properties panel as shown here, however this still did not work.

Disabling Windows Ink and set up custom modifier key in the Wacom properties panel.

After going through the regular channels of trying to fix this situation like this, the obvious thing is to make sure you have the latest updated version of Photoshop as well as the latest updated version of the Wacom drivers, which I had done and still to no avail.

Even with the updated versions, it refused to work and treated the modified button as a regular brush stroke, as I tried retouching and using the bracket keys for brush size I realized how heavily I relied on that shortcut and something that simple can severely hinder your workflow.

For me it was unbearable, even though it was just one shortcut, because once muscle memory is set to do something a certain way for so long and so many repetitions, a change like that is devastating to an efficient workflow.

So I reached out to the support forums and created a post with screenshots showing the versions and detailing the issues and after a few days of no answers, except some other people with the same problem.

I decided to keep trying myself and finally found something that I did not actually know existed which was the Wacom tablet preference file utility which allows you to remove all profiles and start fresh.

The preferences tool is found under the Wacom Tablet program menu.

I removed all user preferences with this tool.

I removed all preferences with the tool, and the problem has been fixed, while still using the user config text file as mentioned above.

I lost some precious retouching time dealing with this issue, but I am always glad something like this happens because it gives me the opportunity to learn something and file it away so that next time I won't lose any work time.

Hopefully this can save someone else the time of dealing with the same issue.

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Jon K's picture

It's my understanding that Wacom's drivers identify the running program for your app specific settings by looking at the front-most app's executable name, like Logitech's keyboard and mouse software.
Photoshop CC 2018 and 2019 both run as Photoshop.exe, so it'll think your settings for 2018 are meant for 2019. I raised this issue with them a couple months ago and they said they engineering team was aware that they need to look at the path for executable as well. Support was nice, no ETA but mentioned they wanted to fix it without breaking anything in the process.

Bill Larkin's picture

Jon K it was my understanding as well, it did seem to recognize Photoshop.exe however, it still did not work. It was really strange.

davidlovephotog's picture

Any problem ever starts with the phrase "I just updated an Adobe program."

super steel_'s picture

wow, thats an understatement. so many posts on my fb groups posting nonstop error images and asking for help because they updated. ive moved from adobe products 2 years ago.

my concern now is im moving to learn vide editing and no real contender to premiere/after effects combo
and I hate adobe.

Lee Christiansen's picture

Have a look at Da Vinci Resolve 15 for video editing - and it is free....!

I've finally needed to move from the old FCP-7 and this is now my platform of choice. Still learning it but looking good so far.

super steel_'s picture

thanks for the reply!
and this is on par with the premiere/AE combo?
why are they giving out their (full version?) software for free?

Spy Black's picture

There's a few missing features n the free vs paid versions, like noise reduction, and the resolution is limited to UHD, which isn't horrible of course. The full-featured version is a one-time fee of $300. The nice thing about the free version is you can use it as long as you like to decide if the full version is worth you time and money.

Daniel Shewmaker's picture

Moved away from Premiere/AE years ago - and use FCPX/Motion5 and couldn't be happier

super steel_'s picture

but not for pc?

Spy Black's picture

Nope, Mac microcosm only.

super steel_'s picture

Davinci it is!

super steel_'s picture

using wacom intuos 4. its great with affinity (no more PS)
but my wife uses her huion tablet. I fell like selling my intuos and getting one. 1/3 of the price. very slick also.

Chad D's picture

I built a great pc for capture one and did some editing on it
intel 7820x 32GB 1080GPU etc.

color management sucks on windows
wacom support sucks on windows
so many other stupid things like this keep windows from being good and OS X the better option for creatives

Apple is having its idiot moments to sadly with the idiot in charge ! so apple users are in a bad place with poor hardware options and windows with a OS that is basically win NT but a bit prettier and still back in the 90s

Dennis Maisel's picture

Apple apps and iOS, Windows 10 and now Adobe. This is the reason I quit updates from most all companies. They've apparently gotten rid of the QA (Quality Assurance) departments to save a buck and now use us as their Beta Testers. Hacked Windows and was able to turn off the irritating updates from them for over a year now. Whenever the clowns at Apple send one of their irritating update messages I don't respond or update either.

Stephen Hutchinson's picture

I take it from the lack of comments mentioning Apple, that this is a Windows-only related problem?

Bill Larkin's picture

This particular issue seems to be, however MacOS has some issues as well with the new CC2019 update and liquify.

timgallo's picture

went to cc 19, immediately went back to 18 (since 19 had blur problems). waited. checked the new update. laggy. wacom works and dont works properly. went back to cc 18. everything is smooth. wacom behaves as it suppose to. cc 19 seems very undercooked. and no matter what - i cant make it to run without lags on my new imac.
i think wacom and adobe should make some kind of a plugin inside the photoshop - so that we have more better control over the wacom. moving the settings from update to update was always a pain.

Viktor Wågman's picture

How hard is it FOR Wacom and ADOBE to work Together?? #adobe #Wacom #Fixthisshit

Joe Hogan's picture

My experience with Wacom was hilarious. I installed the software about 5 years ago and immediately had problems with driver incompatibility with various programs. I contact Wacom. Very nice, friendly people, helpful, willing to help me find solutions. After about four or five dismal failures, the techs basically told me to delete most of the major software I was using because the OTHER software was incompatible with Wacom. When they finally suggested removing my anti-virus I balked.... and they dissapeared. No more friendly help. No more advice. Zilch. Confounded I investigated further and found out the the problem was a "known issue" since the early days of the program and many people had suffered the same crashes etc and, of course, the same shunning by the previously helpful people at the help desk.

Not long after I installed Capture One and the same thing happened... also the same response then lack of response... and I also came across similar user-forums outlining C1's known issues.

With both companies, I got the idea that they were racing ahead to constantly produce new hardware/software and try to beat competitors or maintain their position in the market without taking care of the basics. Now, looking at the latest C1 forums I visited back then, things haven't changed. I deleted the programme after a wedding shoot of nearly 3,000 photos just froze inside C1.... it took a week to find a way to get access to my photos again and then edit them in LR and PS. (no help from C1.... nada de nada).

Both in my view, are over-rated programs (esp C1)... poor motors in Ferrari bodies and lots of undeserved hype. I use Wacom still; the same tablet and software. but every time my virus updates or Adobe.... reinstall.

I felt like throwing a party the day I deleted C1.

Crysallis Salvador De Los Reyes's picture

I just created an account to tell the author of this page THANK YOU SO MUCH and I LOVE YOU. I was looking all over the internet for a fix. I had a Bamboo Capture and it worked utterly superb but I lost the pen. While I'm waiting for the replacement, I'm using a new Wacom CTL-472 and works fine being used like a mouse. Problem is, it instantly stops moving whenever I open Photoshop as well as other Adobe products. Now, I tried the 'Remove tablet preferences' and it worked like a bloody charm! IT'S ALMOST IMMACULATE! I can't thank you enough.

luca fantoni's picture

you are my savior!!!!! thank you dude!! a lot!!!