Sony Separates Camera Business Into New Corporation

Sony Separates Camera Business Into New Corporation

Sony Corporation announced that it would be splitting its Electronic Products & Solutions (EP&S) segment into a separate corporation titled Sony Electronics Corporation effective April 1st, 2020.  

The new holding company will cover Sony’s most extensive product lines and merge its Imaging Products & Solutions, Home Entertainment & Sound, and Mobile Communications and any related sales, marketing, manufacturing, procurement, and engineering platforms. This segment includes high-end products like their stereo systems, telecom products, and of course, camera systems. According to Sony, this change “will not only accelerate the integrated operation of the EP&S businesses but also aim to optimize its organizational structure, talent, and business portfolio, while further enhancing competitiveness and creating new business.”

In the same release, the company announced the operational C-Suite members: Shigeki Ishizuka will be the CEO and President of Sony Electronics and Ichiro Takagi will be the company’s COO.

This new formation has rumors rampant: will this change affect production lines of any releases expected to drop after the changeover on April 1st? Is there the potential for discrepancies in product performance? 

Are you Team Sony? What are your thoughts on this spin-off? Leave your comments below and let us know what you think! 

Lead image: Safal karki via Unsplash

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Maybe the new unit will care. I have owned Sony for a couple of decades and have registered most of them. Always wanting to be recognized as part of the Sony family, however, I never felt as if I was. It almost felt as if the registration process was for nothing. I have own handycams, dvd and bluyray players, bravia tv, a couple of AV receivers, a6000, couple of A7s, some lenses, etc., and I think I have registered all of them, but yet, when I log into Sony's website, I can never see all the items I have owned. Almost as if Sony didn't care. I even had a Sony credit card at one point. I just feel Sony can do a better job keeping their customers close and offering better support. The latter is one thing I have heard a lot, luckily, I have had good luck with Sony equipment. I am glad, since my perception of Sony support is not good. Maybe this new company will care a little more.

Cudos for picking an easily rememberable date

They should change the name of the camera's too. Sony is always related to walkman's and discman's. And Gmaster lenses? Makes no sense what so ever.

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