Steps to Take Now to Sustain Your Photography Business Into the Future

What should you be doing today to ensure your photography studio is still viable decades into the future? Reflecting on 10 years in the business, Photographer Phillip Blume of Blume Photography offers advice on how to sustain a photography studio that will be productive for decades to come.

After 10 years with a successful photography studio, Blume and his wife and partner, Eileen, have learned some valuable lessons in sustainability. In this video, Blume discusses ways to structure your business from the start, so that you, too, can achieve longevity and success in your photography business.

One of the key things Blume touches on is avoiding burnout by setting boundaries for yourself and your clients. You have to set business hours and stick to them, especially if you have a family or other aspects of your life that are equally as important to you as your photography business. Set aside certain times of day to respond to social media and email messages, so that these interruptions don't take over all of your personal time.

Another important thing to remember when  developing a photography business is to plan for disasters such as crashed computers or lost memory cards. By having backups of all of your work, you will ensure that the unwelcome setback will not cause you to lose clients and develop a poor reputation in your community.

Speaking of community, one of the greatest challenges and most rewarding things you can do for your business is to build a community following. Get out and meet people, volunteer, and donate your time and photography to local charities. Although social media can have lots of reach, don't put all your eggs into a social media basket. Face-to-face, one-on-one community outreach is the best way to get your name out there to the people who will spend money with you.

As a seasoned photographer, what advice would you give someone starting a new photography business? Share your ideas in the comments.

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