[Video Lecture] Trey Ratcliff Explains How YOU Can Get Noticed On The Internet

Trey Ratcliff is a very successful photographer who also runs a very popular blog Stuck in Customs. In a recent lecture for Google, Trey explains what makes the internet so exciting for creative professionals, and how you too can put your own internet stimulus out there for others to enjoy. It's interesting watching this as a photographer as well as the creator of Fstoppers because I see many things I have done successfully, yet I'm also reminded of other things maybe I have overlooked. Trey's speech is long (over 60 mins) but sometimes our brains need a break from cameras and inspiration; hopefully this video triggers a dose of "Yes I Can!"

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The hardest part of sticking with it is making yourself feel like you're enough. Best quote that stuck by Trey Ratcliff. : "Forgive yourself of making mistakes. And do better next time." 

Watched the whole lecture, very inspiring, thanks for posting!

I definitely took notes and will use some quotes in my own classroom. The 2 parts of the lecture I needed to hear  were "reveal yourself to the world and don't be scared" as well as  "don't really listen to your peers".  Thank you Google and Trey Ratcliff, who has gained one more blog follower.